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Good Morning Saturday 13th August 2022

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Michael12 Sat 13-Aug-22 06:16:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry with some high cloud at the moment , today in brackley .
With the heatwave , I need a few things with a small local shop sooner than do my usual Saturday routine .
The sooner this weather breaks the better .
Take Care,

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 13-Aug-22 06:26:46

Morning all from a rapidly warming West Oxfordshire. Our daughter is home for the weekend. I haven’t seen her since we went to Vienna. It is younger son’s 37th birthday today so I will give him a ring to wish him Happy Birthday. Before it gets too hot I will drive into our nearby town to collect the print I bought from the Summer Exhibition which I’ve had framed. OH doesn’t like it so I expect I’ll hang it in my bedroom. Barbecue today - not sure. I don’t tend to venture outside much when it’s very hot.

Greyduster Sat 13-Aug-22 06:32:49

Good morning Michael and all GNs. When I looked out at half past five it was cloudy and deliciously cool. Now the sun is out again. I’ll try and have a walk today if it’s not too hot; otherwise it’ll be another day indoors. I spent an hour yesterday picking blackberries and was melting! Even wearing a hat I looked like a boiled lobster when I got home.
Have a good day one and all.

Beechnut Sat 13-Aug-22 06:39:27

Good Morning from Severnside. The sun is coming up and I am sat outside in the cool by the scent of my jasmine.

I did very little yesterday after my shop. Started my new book in the afternoon and watched some tv later.

I have a few small jobs to do today and realised last night I haven’t done my monthly admin so I shall get that done.

Keep cool all 👒🦩🪷

grandMattie Sat 13-Aug-22 06:49:48

Late good morning from yet another scorching day in E Kent. Thankfully, these very high temperatures will only last another 2-3 days. I can’t cope with the heat.
I didn’t have a good night, napping through it, which isn’t very restful. It was too hot.
Lovely, if busy, day yesterday - but all the excitement exhausted me. I sat for the rest of the day.
Nothing happening today. I’m just off for the paper, then might fiddle about with a new quilt I’m planning.
Have a happy day, if you can. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Grandmadinosaur Sat 13-Aug-22 07:00:44

Good morning all from a cool, foggy east Yorkshire.

Yesterday we had a really enjoyable day out with GS. As a spur of the moment decision we visited Normanby Hall. Never been before but it was on our list so thought it would make a nice change. Well what a great little find it was. Lots to do there and we had a great time. We went on the land train, played crazy golf, gs went in the childrens play area, enjoyed walks, had lunch and ice creams. There’s still more we could have done but the heat sapped our energy so it’s somewhere we will return to. DIL did a sponsored walk yesterday (mad in that heat!) for a charity close to her heart. She crossed the Humber bridge and we stopped for refreshments on the way back just before the bridge. As we drew up to the place there she was doing the same before she set off back! I am proud of her for what she is doing to raise awareness of a condition she had during pregnancy.

Today I think we will have a lazy day. It’s been a bit of a week one way and another and we both feel shattered.

Safe travels to anyone today.

Susan56 Sat 13-Aug-22 07:15:48

Good morning from a very warm Shropshire🥵

The grandchildren stayed last night.DGD woke at 3 with a very heavy nosebleed.It took an hour to get sorted and the lights being on woke H.I feel shattered this morning.Looking forward to going back to bed tonight!

We have to take DGD to a birthday party at 11 then we will look after H at their house until it’s time to pick her up again.

Hope everyone has a good day🦩🌞

BlueBalou Sat 13-Aug-22 07:16:39

Good morning everyone, it’s a lovely cool start to Saturday here before the sun gets going 😊
We had a lovely cool walk this morning, DDog chased her beautiful spaniel friends around so she’s snoozing now.
Absolutely nothing planned for today, Sainsbury shop coming late morning but that’s it.
There’s a lovely cool breeze coming through my windows, very calming.
Have a lovely weekend everyone x

ginny Sat 13-Aug-22 07:16:44

Good morning all.
Off to Rye with DD3 and boys today. Hope the journey is straight forward. Thank goodness for air con.
My hand is almost back to normal size now but still having trouble gripping with it and still uncomfortable.
Wishing all a pleasant weekend.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 13-Aug-22 07:17:20

Good morning from another sunny day in Oxfordshire.

MzOops and family had a break down on the M1 on their way back from their holiday in Northumberland and didn’t get home until after midnight, not sure when the car will be arriving though.
A rotten end to a lovely holiday, MrOops had to go and collect them from North Oxford as there was noone to get them back here, RAC not as good as you think they will be, not on this occasion anyway.
Moral, don’t break down on a sweltering hot Friday afternoon, the drivers don’t want to work, so you will be left by the roadside for hours.
So a very stressed family, they will probably borrow my old jalopy to get them back to Cornwall tonight, we will see.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and relaxing day

cornergran Sat 13-Aug-22 07:22:10

Morning Mick, morning All. The sun forecast continues for our corner of Somerset, 33 degrees later it seems. Same as yesterday.

A repeat of yesterday. Off to the beach while it’s cool and not busy then back to hide until it’s plant watering time this evening. Trying to keep our neighbours pots going as well as our own. With the water turned off there it’s hard going carrying f the cans. Will divert via an air conditioned supermarket on the way back and may have some lunch somewhere else suitably air conditioned. Just a bit of tidying to do today. Nothing major.

Safe travels to anyone out and about, special thoughts to those finding life tough going. Hope Saturday is kind to us all.

dragonfly46 Sat 13-Aug-22 07:22:39

Good morning from a slightly cooler Holland. We are near the coast so a breeze is blowing and we have an air-conditioned bedroom.

So lovely to see old friends last night. More catching up today visiting old haunts then a Golden Wedding party this evening.

Wishing every one a good day.

BlueSapphire Sat 13-Aug-22 07:32:13

Good morning everyone from Northampton where the sky is still grey, but the sun is beginning to burn through. I have been out already this morning (at 6.30am!) to post some.birthday cards before I go away next week. It was distinctly cool and fresh which was lovely. DBiL turns 80 next Wednesday, so I didn't dare miss that one, then two nieces' birthdays shortly aftetwards. Difficult to believe these DNieces are both now over 50! I remember the excitement when they were born, especially the elder, my first niece, and first GC for my parents!

The cats are not happy with me at the moment as I had to give them their flea/worming treatment yesterday before they go to the cattery on Monday. They spent the evening skulking in the downstairs cloakroom and study, and have given me a wide berth this morning. They will get over it.

Nothing planned for today, just see how I feel in this heat. Didn't sit out yesterday, as it was too hot, even in my shady place. Will read the papers, do the puzzles then carry on with my book.

Rest up on this hot day, folks, and try to take it easy.

Ashcombe Sat 13-Aug-22 07:39:05

Good morning from a sunny Torbay. Although it must be pleasing for the holidaymakers here, by early afternoon it is just too hot, as it is throughout the country, it seems. Now is the best time of day with a cooling breeze through the open windows.

My family enjoyed ‘Allo, ‘Allo - my DGS (12) delighted DH by telling him he was the best!! Unfortunately, the final dénouement was omitted which puzzled some but my DD said she was glad it shortened the performance slightly because she was so hot! We were pleased that my ex joined us all for a drink in the bar, which he wouldn’t have done had his DW been there. He was Front of House Manager last night.

A coffee morning at church then pottering at home until tonight's performance which marks almost the half way point in the run.

Keep cool, everyone! 🦩🥰😎💐🦩

brook2704 Sat 13-Aug-22 07:41:14

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve got some sea haar that’s rolled in but will probably burn off quite soon as it’s already thinning out
Nothing much planned for today but I’ve got lots to keep me busy in the garden if it’s not too hot.
Well done to your Dil grandmadinosaur doing a sponsored walk in the heat cant be easy but good on her
What a shame for your DD oops after a lovely holiday, must have been awful for them. I hope they get home safely today
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmabatty Sat 13-Aug-22 07:43:54

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 14° and a haar has descended. I'm hoping it will lift to reveal blue skies. Susan poor you. Is she prone to nose bleeds? Oops my son in law had to call them out on Tuesday as his tyre had blown in Glasgow. It was late at night. They took the car but told him he would have to make his own way home.
Yesterday dd and the boys came round for the afternoon. It was lovely to see them. I enjoyed yesterday. I sat out in the morning when it was cool and then again in the evening when the garden was shady.
Today I'll go to Aldi for food shopping then I'm going to the local garden centre to buy a birthday present for mum. They have a good selection of gifts. It'll not matter what I buy, there will be something wrong with it anyway! I'm not sure what's on the menu for dinner yet. Possibly steak. I haven't had a steak for ages. Have a good day all.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 13-Aug-22 07:44:38

Morning Mick and all

Back home after our mini holiday with DD and GSs. We were so lucky with the weather as it was glorious, days spent on the beach and generally being lazy.

Today I have to pop down the road to the butchers and local shops for salad and bits. Then I shall be on my sun lounger in the garden with my kindle (and probably all day tomorrow)

Wishing you all an easy day whatever you have planned

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

EkwaNimitee Sat 13-Aug-22 07:47:09

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a very sunny Carlisle where it is a very pleasant 16C. I wish it would stay that way because it's supposed to get even hotter than yesterday when it hit 31C. I skulked inside with the windows closed and the blinds down. Meanwhile neighbours lounged outside in their swimwear for hours! The sun felt really fierce in the few minutes I went outside to pick beans so I hope they're not feeling sorry for themselves this morning.
Like you Mick I am doing a quick early shop before it gets too hot. DiL2 is arriving tomorrow evening on any train she can get. She's young and fit fortunately so I am hoping all will be fine for her.
I'll probably finally get those clothes into a suitcase later on having put some back in the drawers etc yesterday, other than that I will be sitting about reading.

Enjoy the day if you can, people.

Sar53 Sat 13-Aug-22 07:50:42

Good morning from an already hot Essex by the sea.
We arrived home yesterday after our first trip on the boat. I ache, from pulling ropes and have lovely bruises but we had a good, relaxing time on the water.
DH is going away with a friend today, his boat is moored in Windsor so they are driving up there and then cruising up the Thames.
We have a festival this weekend on our beach here. It will be hot, noisy and busy but hopefully no trouble.
Have a lovely day everyone and try and keep cool xx

kittylester Sat 13-Aug-22 07:54:17

Good morning all from a very muggy North Leicestershire.

We still have a houseful including Dd2's husband who is my favourite son in law - or so he tells me!!

Wishing you all the best day possible!

Gingster Sat 13-Aug-22 07:57:34

Good morning all and I won’t mention the hear! 😫.

Last night the super moon was glorious but we didn’t see any meteor showers!

Yesterday we sat in the shade with our friends at our usual country pub. It was one of our ladies 70th birthday and we are all going out for a meal with them next week. I remember all of our 21sts - doesn’t seem that long ago! 😬

I’ve already walked little pooch in the cool. Bliss!
I put a chicken in the oven before I left and came home to it making a terrible noise. Switched it off and now have a half cooked chicken! 😤.

It’s no,2 sons 47th birthday today . I’ll ring him later as we won’t be seeing him. 😢.

This morning ds1 and DIL will come round for coffee. Not sure if the teen gds will come. Probably still snoozing. DIL will cut DH’s hair. It doesn’t take long 😂.
Later Dd and little gd will come for lunch and stay for the afternoon. Dd has had a rough week, so some TLC and some laughter is the order of the day.

Oops what a stressful time for your family. Hope they recover and can get home ok! It must have been awful for them.

I hope you all have a good day. Keep cool and don’t do anything too strenuous. This weather saps your energy!

monk08 Sat 13-Aug-22 07:57:39

Good morning all from the Black country weather very much the same HOT.
Yesterday was a lovely day spent with my boys. Played crazy golf with the 6yr old he got a hole in one on the last hole and won the round grandad sitting in the shade cheering him on. We then proceeded to their favourite place the yellow arches followed by a detour to the toy shop. Both boys fell asleep on way back grandma when she got home.
Friends arriving later our usual Saturday meet up have been meeting up for nearly 50yrs.
Usual full English calling so will catch up with everybody's news later.
Best wishes to anyone celebrating, safe travels for those on the move and virtual hugs where needed. Enjoy your Saturday whatever your plans and may you all find some 🌞

Gingster Sat 13-Aug-22 08:02:21

GG and Sar - glad you’re both back safely and have had a lovely break away. I look forward to hearing all about it when we 3 meet again 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️

harrigran Sat 13-Aug-22 08:02:52

Good morning from a foggy NE where it is 15 degrees.
Yesterday I washed the doormats and they dried nicely in the hot sunshine.
I did very little in the way of housework but did run the vacuum over the downstairs floors as the sun was going down. I kept all the blinds closed all day and the house was comfortable, I did keep the Dyson on all night again.
Sister and BIL will visit this afternoon and DS and family will visit too.
Have a good weekend.

Pittcity Sat 13-Aug-22 08:09:32

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Rising to 32° today.
We have a family Summer get together at my sister's this afternoon. It'll be a case of squeezing into a comfy chair in the shade with an iced drink and doing no more than chatting. For once I am glad there's a train strike as we usually travel there by public transport. It's too hot for going anywhere except in an air-conditioned car.
I am so looking forward to Monday when it will be 23° and rainy so that I can get some things done.
Love to all 🦩 x