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Hair loss

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Yvettehartland1 Mon 15-Aug-22 19:48:06

I’m 59, 60 in September. I believe I went through menopause some time ago. I’ve recently noticed how thin my hair has become. Anyone on here have any tips or product recommendations, to tackle this problem?

Missie22 Mon 15-Aug-22 19:54:29

Hello Yvette, Im also having a lot of hair loss. It started when I was around 60 and 8 years later my hair is getting even thinner. The last few years have been pretty stressful and maybe thats part of the problem. Im hoping someone will help us on here as Im sure we are not alone in this.

J52 Mon 15-Aug-22 20:32:57

I take collagen and my hair is certainly thicker. I started taking it during the first lockdown, it takes a little while see the difference.

Susan56 Mon 15-Aug-22 20:37:18

My hairdresser recommended viviscal.I take the supplements and use the shampoo and conditioner.It is recommended that you take the supplements for 3-6 months.I am six weeks in so not expecting to see a difference yet but my hairdresser has other clients who have completed the course and have seen visible results so fingers crossed.

Kate1949 Mon 15-Aug-22 20:38:20

There are plenty of threads on here on this subject. I can't do links but if you have a look you may find them.

Missie22 Mon 15-Aug-22 20:58:09

J52 how do you take the collagen?

J52 Mon 15-Aug-22 21:37:14

I take it in tablet form. They’re sold at Superdrug.

Floradora9 Tue 16-Aug-22 20:56:05

I always think about prince William when I look for a cure for thinning hair. If there had been a remedy he would have used it .

MerylStreep Tue 16-Aug-22 21:16:05

It’s great that some of these products work for people, but in the majority of people they don’t and then there’s more disappointment.
If there was a cure women like Elaine Paige who had the most wonderful head of hair would be using it. She has lost a lot of her hair.
Get your B12 and thyroid levels checked to make sure they’re ok.

MerylStreep Tue 16-Aug-22 21:16:53

I don’t know if this link will work but it explains a lot.

J52 Tue 16-Aug-22 22:04:35

Yes, I agree that not all hair loss and thinning are the result of the same condition.

Vintagejazz Wed 17-Aug-22 09:04:57

I tried lots of things and none really worked. The nanogen fibres did disguise my widening parting. But my hair got generally thinner and I bought a topper last year. Absolute game changer.

Susan56 Wed 17-Aug-22 09:31:59

Good advice MerylStreep.My B12 and iron levels were very low so have prescribed medication too.