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Good Morning Tuesday 27th September 2022

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Michael12 Tue 27-Sep-22 05:46:24

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry here in brackley this morning.
It is looking like October for me will see appointments and surgery for me, update as an when.
Today, relax get the bus to Bicester and do a shop after a coffee and maybe a bacon and egg sarnie. Maybe meet up with some former work colleagues
Then come home
Take Care,

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 27-Sep-22 05:52:26

Good morning Mick and all who follow, hope you get your appointments sorted out today Mick, I’ve just finished packing and then will leave to drop car off and get to the airport, who knew that although they say ‘at the airport’ they aren’t. Fuel up must be done within 5 km of drop off and they Will check your bill to show you’ve topped it back up to ‘full’.
Plus they aren’t the people we booked with who were at the Airport 5 years ago, they’ve changed to a 3rd Party, obviously things have changed.
Apart from that, it’s dark, warmish and dry for our trip back to Palma.
Have a good day everyone.

grandMattie Tue 27-Sep-22 06:01:11

Good morning from a dark, dry E Kent. It absolutely poured at Tim’s yesterday, really vicious showers, then bright sunshine…
Bon voyage, Oops, hope all goes well with the car.
The OT came yesterday and we’re happy with the house. My friend, who called in the evening, said they were taken aback by my pragmatism and acceptance of what I’ve to do. Empty the commode? Why not?, I’d rather that than have pads which are then sent to landfill. Etc. they brought a wheel chair to see if Jeanne could manage to get to the dining room. It is very tight but either she learns not to scrape the wall or I push her. Sitting room is opposite and pan easy job.
All the equipment comes on Thursday and Jeanne arrives Friday. I have said that I will not take her anywhere (unless I want to), my life won’t be restricted, and she doesn’t stay for more than two months….
I’ve got T’ai Chi this morning and a new craft group at Age Concern this afternoon.
I hope today is kind to you. Carpe diem, dear friends. ??????

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 06:12:49

Good morning Mick and everyone from a dark south Hants - where only the cat is awake!

Mick I hope your appointments and impending surgery goes well.
Oops safe journey back.
We had ‘a bit of a day’ yesterday. DH’s parents - well his mum, ended up in A&E yesterday, fluid on her lungs but as the dept was busy she was stuck in the ambulance as A&E were full to capacity. She was waiting outside for hours - in 3 different ambulances due to shift changes. Not good for anyone - especially when you’re in your 90’s. Finally got moved to a ward just after 10pm. Poor old FiL was in a bit of a state and we’ll obviously be busy today going backwards and forwards.

Thoughts to those with appointments, pain and/or worries ??. Hope you all manage to find some ☀️ and smiles.
Hugs and ? for you all x

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 06:17:16

Glad the visit went well grandMattie and good that you’ve put boundaries in place for your friend. She needs to work on being independent bless her. You are such a lovely and thoughtful friend ? - she’s so lucky to have you - but don’t overdo it though. Take care of yourself x

Jaxjacky Tue 27-Sep-22 06:29:49

Morning from a dark S Hants, alarm went at 6 as MrJ is off to work.
That’s worrying SunshineSally I do hope you’re MIL is well enough to go home soon.
Glad OT are satisfied gMattie it’s a very kind, Christian thing you’re doing for your friend, compassion in action.
Housework today, not my favourite, I’ll do it in stages.
Safe journey Oops.
Have a good day all ??

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 06:42:25

Thanks Jaxjacky - it’s a worrying time, especially as they’re both so devoted to each other and are rarely apart. She’s tired and has had enough … her quality of life is not what she wants (very poor vision, hearing and mobility) and he cannot bear thinking of a life without her ?. It’s hard all round as they’re like the parents I never had. Just need to put my big mummy pants on ?and get on with it ?

Ashcombe Tue 27-Sep-22 06:50:27

Good morning, all, from a fine, dry Torbay.

Our journey back went well, despite a few squally showers. Unfortunately, circumstances led us to take our lunch break at Bridgwater Services, which hasn’t improved over the years! One to avoid due to its awkward arrangements for parking and difficult access to facilities.

Following the success of the ballet, this was written by the Chair and founder on EYB's Facebook Profile:-

Miss Lewis' Message - Swan Lake in Stoke:-

“I was bowled over by the standard of performance that the Stoke on Trent cast achieved for their Swan Lake performances last week 23rd 24thSeptember. All three performances were consistent and were received with cheers at the curtain calls at the end of each show. EYB had a wonderful three days in Stoke where theatre staff, hotel staff, parents and the people in Stoke were very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic about our visit. The atmosphere in the theatre prior to curtain-up at each performance was electric and excitement was obvious.
The cast rose to the occasion with confidence and with each dancer living their role in the ballet. The Swans corps de ballet work was impressive with the Cygnets dancing in perfect time…………….. What is most rewarding for the EYB teachers is to see the children improve their ballet technique and ‘blossom’ in front of us over the period of time they work with us.
Congratulations to the Swan Lake cast in Stoke on Trent!”

My DGD was one of the Cygnets, so my pride is beyond measure!

I hope your MIL is now more comfortable, SunshineSally and you have a safe journey home, Oopsadaisy. What a wonderfully generous gesture you've made to help the convalescent, grandMattie! Christianity in action.

Take care, everyone! ?????

grandMattie Tue 27-Sep-22 06:51:38

Your poor in-laws, Sally. “Growing old is not for sissies” was never more true. I hope everything goes well for them. ??

Grandmadinosaur Tue 27-Sep-22 06:58:36

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. It is dry but a chilly 5 degrees.

I do admire what you are doing for your friend GM a true friend.

Safe trip home oops
What an awful time for your MIL sunshine Sally

Today I am going to coffee morning. Looking forward to it as I’ve missed 2 weeks with being away in Menorca. I will be armed with cake as it is my Birthday. It is pick up day for GS and the rest of the family are coming round later. We are having a take away, birthday cake and fizz.

Take care everyone.

Gingster Tue 27-Sep-22 07:02:18

Good morning all and it’s just getting light.

Yesterdays DH’s MRI appointment went amazingly well. We were early and they saw him straight away. We were out before our appointment time was due. He, on the other hand, was quite upset by the procedure. ! Unusual for him as he’s quite stoic with most things. ?.

Clearing out cupboards this morning and Bridge club this afternoon. DH has a diabetic eye test but says he’ll be fine to walk up and back down to town. ?.

Hoping to go up to our cottage by the sea on Thursday. We haven’t been for over a month and miss is terribly. We can only stay a few days as we seem to have a very busy autumn, one way or another.

OOPS I hope your journey home is trouble free! ?

GM I seem to have missed your post about having your friend stay. Has she had an op? .

* Sunshine* hope all goes well for your dear MIL. ❤️

Love to all and take care. ???

karmalady Tue 27-Sep-22 07:02:48

Good morning from s somerset, becoming distictly cooler as we approach storm season. Friend coming for a light lunch today.

You are a very good person grandMattie

Gingster Tue 27-Sep-22 07:04:10

Happy birthday Grandmadinasaur. Have a fun packed day ?

Jaxjacky Tue 27-Sep-22 07:08:10

Grandmadinosaur a very Happy Birthday to you ???

BlueBalou Tue 27-Sep-22 07:10:41

Good morning everyone from a chilly Wiltshire.
Off to meet friends for coffee this morning then I hope to start emptying the greenhouse this afternoon, one of the last garden tasks.
DDog has the dog walker this morning so she’ll be happy.
I’m in a conundrum with my car; apparently the problem with the battery draining is I don’t drive it enough (not that anyone told me that was necessary when I bought it and there’s nothing online ?). I don’t trust it now it’s happened twice in 6 months.
Do I change it or force myself to do a 50 mile drive somewhere weekly simply to charge it up? It’s a Ford Puma eco boost.
Not sure ?

Grandmadinosaur Tue 27-Sep-22 07:16:24

That is some praise for the EYB Ash you must be bursting with pride.

Urmstongran Tue 27-Sep-22 07:17:37

No Matt. He must be on his holidays.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It’s very damp. It rained a lot from 6pm onwards. Soggy Urmston.

I’m off over to mind L’il Miss in an hour for the day. She saw the doctor yesterday when mummy kept her off school. She has a viral infection and needs rest, fluid and paracetamol. Poor little sausage.

I’ve started a low fat diet & Orlistat so need to be careful what I eat. Three meals a day, no snacks and wine just twice a week. I’m sick of being fat with no waistline.

Upsetting news about your elderly in laws SunshineSally (I love your cheery name!). Oops I read last year in the EWN or Sur that so many car hire firms went bust during Covid as they rely heavily on tourists and for 18 months there just weren’t any. I hope you have a pleasant journey home. I wonder how GG13 is enjoying Benalmádena? ?

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 27-Sep-22 07:23:24

Morning all from a damp looking Norfolk. Our trip to Norwich has been delayed to another day. OH just wasn’t up to traipsing round a city due to a very bad night. So we went to Felbrigg Hall and Estate, which is a National Trust property. We are going to Holt today. Lunch and a visit to an Art Gallery or two. While OH watched the football last night, I watched the new David Tennant, Stanley Tucci thing. Will I watch part 2? I think so. I hope everyone has a good day.

Beechnut Tue 27-Sep-22 07:28:45

Good Morning everyone from from a damp and grey Severnside.

Happy Birthday Grandmadinosaur ??

I’m off to swimming this morning and then home working later. I have some needles for my friend so will take them with me to swimming in case I see her there.

I think your boundary setting is a good idea Mattie. It will give your friend something to aim for in the way of independence.

Have a good day all whatever you do ??

grandMattie Tue 27-Sep-22 07:28:58

Gingster, my friend has had most of her leg amputated recently and her house is totally unsuitable, being a small two up two down labourer’s cottage, with steps everywhere and very narrow, curving stairs. She needed somewhere to convalesce, being now a hospital bed blocker.

brook2704 Tue 27-Sep-22 07:33:54

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s just getting light and looks very grey and wet
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday grandmadinosaur enjoy your special day! ???
Today I’m waiting in for a electric smart meter to be fitted, it should help a bit in the coming months in understanding our costs. I’ve got lots of housework to keep me busy too so I’ll get on with that
That sounds awful for your MIL sunshinesally I hope she’s comfortable now and improves soon
Lovely praise indeed Ashbombe well done to your very talented DGD
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings ?

Grandmabatty Tue 27-Sep-22 07:35:28

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 7° and cool. A pale blue sky above for a change. It's blowy though. Grandmadinosaur happy birthday to you. Have a lovely day.
Yesterday was busier than expected. I had my haircut and picked up a dozen freshly laid eggs at the same time! One of his very regular customers keeps chickens so he had eggs from her. Dd and dgs2 arrived just after lunch for a couple of hours. Dgs2 babbles away talking to himself beautifully. He's so cute, when he's not trying to prise apart the fire or stick fingers in sockets or open cupboards. Later on I went to dd's house as she had to pick up sil from hospital after a colonoscopy. She needed me to sit with the boys. Oh my, talk about whirling dervishes! I was worn out before she returned.
Today I have nothing more onerous than a trip to Stirling for my art class. I'll enjoy that. Then some gentle tidying up in the garden. Have a good day all

cornergran Tue 27-Sep-22 07:38:39

Morning Mick, morning All from a chilly, cloudy corner of Somerset. Very windy out there.

Caught up a bit yesterday, still not sorted the car insurance but have decided on a fridge/freezer. Getting there. Dust removal, this morning and a hospital procedure for me this afternoon, home this evening.

Hope things go well mick. Your friend has challenges ahead grandmattie, she’s lucky to have you. What a day for you all sunshinesally, hope your mother in law is comfortable now. Happy birthday grandmadinosaur. Enjoy all that cake. Memories to treasure there ash.

Safe travels all on the move. Special thoughts to everyone struggling. Hope Tuesday is kind to us all.

monk08 Tue 27-Sep-22 07:39:54

Good morning all from a wet Black country.
Happy birthday Grandmadinosaur ??.
We were going to look at a fishing venue today but with the weather as it is will leave it, do not want to walk along riverbank when its wet. I'm a fine weather person.
What a lovely friend you are grandMattie but good to set boundaries.
Safe travels those on the move, best wishes anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your Tuesday and may you all find some ?.

Pittcity Tue 27-Sep-22 07:51:58

Good morning from sunny Colchester. It feels very chilly but the heating hasn't bumped on yet.
Tuesday is charity shop volunteering day.
I'll pick up a few, very expensive, euros later for an airport taxi tomorrow. We don't have quite enough in our currency reserves.
Now, what have I forgotten to pack?
Love to all ? x