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MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 19:08:35

Would you throw away an ugly plant?

I am getting more and more cluttered in here, and I have a very "plain" plant.

Should it go?

kittylester Tue 27-Sep-22 19:19:23

Yep!!! Definitely.

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 19:21:08

I've been wrestling with this (not the plant itself) for a few months now.

It feels mean, somehow.

Grandmabatty Tue 27-Sep-22 19:25:17

Can you give it to someone? Your upstairs neighbour?

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 19:27:57

I've offered it, but she has one the same, too, that she doesn't like.

Our late neighbour bought us one each.

midgey Tue 27-Sep-22 19:28:38

One day when you are feeling grumpy….chuck it out, it can be therapeutic!

Casdon Tue 27-Sep-22 19:31:46

You could put it on the pavement with a note saying free to a good home, I bet somebody will pick it up?

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 19:34:16

It's an orchid, or it was.
I cut the big long stalk off it because it got on my nerves.
Now it's just four big ugly leaves.

Auntieflo Tue 27-Sep-22 19:41:11

If you ignore it for a while, it may surprise you and suddenly sprout new shoots ?
I am a horrible house plant mother and sometimes they thrive on neglect.

CanadianGran Tue 27-Sep-22 19:45:34

Funny, I always feel guilty about giving up on plants as well!
Give it a good talking to, then a definite timeline before tossing or giving away. You may post on an on-line garage sale group to give away the plant.

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 19:46:16

This one seems to enjoy being ignored.
The leaves look like big droopy long tongues, now.
It's really dark green as well.

BlueBelle Tue 27-Sep-22 19:58:24

It will probably flower again they go into a static mode for a few months then suddenly burst out with new flowers
Put it somewhere you re not going to see it too much and just water it every fortnight and it might surprise you
Mine was at ugly stage for ages then burst out three or four new blooms it’s gone back to ugly again I just put it somewhere unimportant and who knows see what happens

Rosie51 Tue 27-Sep-22 20:00:40

I managed to keep an orchid for 5 years with repeat flowering. You should have cut the long stem down to the highest node it would have sprouted a new flowering stem. Eventually it stopped sprouting new shoots, I got bored with it stagnating with just the leaves, so I binned it grin Suggest you do the same.

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 20:00:55

I don't want it to grow a big long stem again, though.
It reminded me of a periscope - the kind with an eyeball in the middle of it, like on the cartoons.

lixy Tue 27-Sep-22 20:11:07

Is it beautiful? Does it give you joy? Is it useful?

If not, then on to the pavement with a 'free to a good home' label or contribute it to a jumble sale/school fair. Someone will have the space to give it a chance to reflower.

Failing that, put it outside for a few nights. I put mine out into the garden for a bit of Summer freedom and the slugs absolutely loved it - nothing left to bring back indoors!

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 20:14:18

No, it fills me with resentment, actually.
Daft, I know, but it doesn't fit in here at all.

lixy Tue 27-Sep-22 20:27:25

Then do it a good turn and send it somewhere else. It will be happier and so will you.

SueDonim Tue 27-Sep-22 20:31:58

I evicted two orchids recently. I’d spent time and money (for special food) on them, talked to them nicely, gave them a nice home on a window sill, all to no avail.

I then told them they were on borrowed time and if they didn’t pull their socks up, they were out. They ignored me so I followed though on my threat and by now I assume they’re compost in the council’s yard. grin

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 20:37:08

I'm going to do it.

I'll put it on the Olio app, I think.

Someone can come and pick it up if they want it.

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 21:23:27

It's not ugly, it's a duckling waiting to transform into a swan

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 21:33:26

It's purple, though, and my living room is green and red.

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 21:34:23

You could change it to a tasteful purple ?

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 21:35:57

I've never thought of matching my plants to my decor but then I'm not very stylish!

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 21:37:26

Nope. No can do.

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 21:50:55

Bye bye orchid ?