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50 !!! such a massive shock !!!

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Fleurpepper Wed 25-Jan-23 19:21:29

NO, not me - but our first child. Just can't believe it, how can it be? HOW?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-Jan-23 19:24:43

My eldest is 52 in June, and talking about retirement😮😮😮.

Yesterday I was taking her to school and brownies.

Auntieflo Wed 25-Jan-23 19:27:07

Our eldest son will be 60 this year, just no....

SuzieHi Wed 25-Jan-23 19:27:56

Suddenly seems to happen! Time flies! Lots of stories and memories though. Grateful we’ve made it, and long may good times continue!

Smileless2012 Wed 25-Jan-23 19:29:02

Our eldest is 40 this year Fleurpepper and we can't believe it eithershock.

CanadianGran Wed 25-Jan-23 19:29:46

How time flies! My baby will turn 30 this year, it's impossible!

MawtheMerrier Wed 25-Jan-23 19:36:58

Our little boy would have been 50 this year.
I often find myself wondering, and imagining what he would have been like

Smileless2012 Wed 25-Jan-23 19:43:32


BlueBelle Wed 25-Jan-23 19:47:10

My eldest is 55 nearly 56 that’s what I thought was really old
It’s a very very strange feeling

Norah Wed 25-Jan-23 19:53:50

Our eldest is a bit over 60. Oh my.

Maw flowers

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 25-Jan-23 20:00:04

💐 Maw. I know, so many what ifs …

Kate1949 Wed 25-Jan-23 20:00:22

Ours is 53 this year.

pinkprincess Wed 25-Jan-23 20:16:23

flowers for Maw

Deedaa Wed 25-Jan-23 20:19:20

My oldest is 48. My 90 year old aunt once told me "Wait till your daughter is 6o!"

M0nica Wed 25-Jan-23 20:35:13

flowers' Maw

Yup, younger child will be 50 this year. Elder will be 52.

downtoearth Wed 25-Jan-23 20:45:16

My Eldest grandaughter soon to be 24 next month,my son 40,going grey and growing through his hair,my girls would have been 43, and 45 this year,most likely peri menopausal

crazyH Wed 25-Jan-23 20:48:00

Maw flowers

kittylester Wed 25-Jan-23 20:50:07

Our eldest is 52 this year but I prefer to dwell on our youngest who is a mere 36.

Doodledog Wed 25-Jan-23 20:58:21


How time flies! My baby will turn 30 this year, it's impossible!

Mine too. How did that happen?

Maw flowers

Callistemon21 Wed 25-Jan-23 21:29:47

I did have an inkling last year when DC1 was 49.
And to think I was an elderly primigravida too 😲

Maw flowers

Callistemon21 Wed 25-Jan-23 21:31:27

Someone a bit younger than me said to me yesterday "I expect all your DC are in their fifties too"

Well, no, they're not!

M0nica Wed 25-Jan-23 21:49:14

I know, I had mine late as well, Callistemon

Jimjam1 Wed 25-Jan-23 21:55:13

Kitty same as you. Oldest 52. Younger one 36. Dealing with 2 generations. Love my boys so much.

Sara1954 Wed 25-Jan-23 21:59:20

Mine are well spaced out, one will be forty nine this year, one thirty one and one in the middle.
The oldest doesn’t seem anything like forty nine, she looks youthful, goes clubbing with her friends and older children, and is constantly gadding around the country going to gigs and festivals., seems that fifty is the new twenty.

Luckygirl3 Wed 25-Jan-23 22:00:59

Maw flowers