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Purchasing Christmas presents in February 🤔

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Serendipity22 Sun 19-Feb-23 09:33:12

Ok, here goes my question of the day.

Who is as organised as myself in purchasing their Christmas presents in February ? Or basically months before.

It gives me a sense of organisation, no mad-dash later in the year, calm,calm, calm...


NotSpaghetti Sun 19-Feb-23 09:54:10

Who are you buying for?
I wouldn't want to buy something unwanted so feel ghat buying 10 months ahead is risky.

Grannybags Sun 19-Feb-23 09:59:04

Depends who/what you are buying. I wouldn't buy this early as I couldn't be sure it would still be popular by December.

Anyway I wouldn't be able to remember where I'd put them by then!

NotSpaghetti Sun 19-Feb-23 09:59:35

Meant to add, Serendipity22, it doesn't speak to me as being organised as you see it, I think it implies you are buying for people as they are today, not as they may be in 6-10 months time.

You can get organised later in the year when wants and needs are more apparent.

Unless of course your shopping is fairly straightforward anyway - in which case apologies.
Obviously if you always buy (say) soap sets and wine maybe tastes don't change in a year.

henetha Sun 19-Feb-23 10:01:37

I would do so if I saw something absolutely perfect for a particular person. I do tend to buy the odd gift, - perfect ones, - throughout the year and hide them in the wardrobe. It makes Christmas easier for me.

Aldom Sun 19-Feb-23 10:08:26

Hello SerendipityI seem to remember that you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Christmas shopping throughout the year is, for you, a good idea I think. It must make your life easier. No rush when the shops are crowded, or the worry of wondering if things ordered will be delivered on time. Good luck with your shopping and best wishes for your health. smile

ginny Sun 19-Feb-23 10:10:37

Not me. I might buy the odd stocking gift but not a main present.
I like to wait and see what people are talking about later in the year and match the gift to something they currently like or need. What if people buy the item themselves sometime during the year ?
Of course as others say if you only buy ‘ generic’ gifts like toiletries and booze , no problem.

cornergran Sun 19-Feb-23 10:12:18

The young one’s Christmas gifts are left to later in the year. The few we buy for adults are token gifts that are purchased when we see something we know the recipient would like or be amused by. You’re not alone serendipity , there are a couple stashed away here along with some small birthday gifts that have been waiting for months. It reduces stress here for sure.

Witzend Sun 19-Feb-23 10:26:13

I only buy edibles or other consumables (e.g. especially nice hand made soap) for adults now, and I won’t have a clue what small grandchildren might like until much nearer the time.
So no.
Teen G-nieces-nephews only want cash anyway.

Serendipity22 Sun 19-Feb-23 10:34:29

Well, its a case of i buy and put away in a big box until its time to wrap.

Obviously i dont buy edible things. In this particular instance, i have visitors over from Canada and so it involves ( amongst everything else at Christmas) 4 extra gifts .... well ... i cant give 1 each, so lets say it involves a few more gifts.


kittylester Sun 19-Feb-23 10:37:22

We have a present shelf where we put things we think might be good for someone. It needs restocking!

Serendipity22 Sun 19-Feb-23 10:38:16

Thank you...
Yes I THINK the MS ( or any illness ) does add to this organisation, it relives people of a big worry later on, but normally I am an organised person 😉

Thank you

Marydoll Sun 19-Feb-23 10:39:06

I start buying in the January sales, with a specific people in mind. I cannot resist a bargain.
I too have a big box and often dip into it for Christmas presents.
Due to health issues, I can no longer trail around the shops, so buying online suits me.

Serendipity22 Sun 19-Feb-23 10:43:17

i am with you 100%

timetogo2016 Sun 19-Feb-23 10:54:12

I have this Christmas and this years birthday gifts sorted by the end of January.
And 4 gifts for Christmas 2024.
i buy when there`s good offers on,mainly on-line.
No last minute shopping for me.

paddyann54 Sun 19-Feb-23 11:35:57

I have a spare walk in wardrobe that we call my present cupboard .It's got loads of stuff in it all the time .I dont buy the main presents until nearer Christmas but I'm always prepared for extra people with something to wrap or pop in a gift bag.
or for birthdays /anniversaries .My list of people to buy for was well over 20 so it made sense to buy early.I hate doing things at the last minute

Oldbat1 Sun 19-Feb-23 11:45:07

I stopped buying family presents a few years ago - the GC love cash towards their “wants”. I do buy small things for family opposite - this year it was tree decorations book vouchers and bottle of wine. They help us when we need it.

BlueBelle Sun 19-Feb-23 11:48:22

I don’t buy for Christmas but if I see anything I like I buy and put in a box for friends birthdays or whenever

Theexwife Sun 19-Feb-23 11:59:21

I only buy for people that I am close to, therefor I like to buy something that they would want at the time rather than a generic bargain.

If I had a lot of acquaintances I would but now,I really dislike Christmas shopping.

Kim19 Sun 19-Feb-23 12:05:43

I have a gift drawer and just buy items as and when I see them but always with a specific person in mind. If they play their cards right they might even have it before Christmas!

ParlorGames Sun 19-Feb-23 12:09:16


We have a present shelf where we put things we think might be good for someone. It needs restocking!

What a fabulous idea Kitty, and useful if the need for an unexpected gift crops up. Might have to find a vacant shelf.

TerriBull Sun 19-Feb-23 12:53:54

I definitely don't, once Christmas is over for one year, I don't give it much thought until December is upon us. Also what I may have in mind now in February might not be what that person would wish for say nearer the time. What I do, as and when I stumble across a shop doing really different cards I will buy those ahead of birthdays. We were staying with friends in the Cotswolds recently and found a great card shop in Broadway with some very novel and funny cards, I think I bought about a dozen with various people in mind, a couple of recipients have already said how much they liked theirs.

Aldom Sun 19-Feb-23 12:55:58

Theeexwife buying ahead doesn't necessarily mean buying a generic bargain. For instance, while away in July I spotted something that was perfect for a friend. I kept it till Christmas. This January, whilst visiting a garden centre with an interesting gift shop, I found a book that will give great pleasure to another friend. That is in a drawer, with her name on the bag.... just in case I 'pop my clogs' before next Christmas. For the same friend, in the spring last year, while visiting Highgrove, I found something she would like for her August birthday.
It is possible to give gifts that will be well received, but purchased long before the event. smile

Ziplok Sun 19-Feb-23 21:36:10

I think it’s a good idea, Serendipity. If you see something that you know will suit a certain person, then by all means buy it and put it away. If you have a set storage place where you put the gifts you buy in advance that you know you won’t forget where it is, then that’s great. Anything to make the process of gift buying easier, plus spreading the cost, is good, as long as you aren’t tempted to add a bit more to a persons ‘gift pile’, which would negate the savings made. 😁
No, I admire your organisation. I’m not so sure I would be so organised. Having said that, we’ve cut down significantly on who we buy for now anyway, and plan to do the same this year, so our list will be very short anyway, so nearer Christmas is when I’ll probably do the shopping.

Ziplok Sun 19-Feb-23 21:46:39

Too many “anyway’s” there, but you get the idea 😂.