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travelsafar Tue 21-Mar-23 09:14:04

Taking my shower this morning I was wishing I could have a lovely deep hot bath but I knew I couldn't I just wouldn't be able to get out unaided. This prompted the thought that wouldn't it be lovely if public baths were revived. They could put the baths with doors and seats so disabled people could walk in then fill the bath once door secured. So many young people house share and only have access to showers I'm sure they would like to be able smileto have a lovely soak in a hot bath as well. Someone could be employed to make sure all is clean and safe for everyone. I for one would definitely use it.

eddiecat78 Tue 21-Mar-23 09:21:14

I went to the public baths in Inverness in the 70's while camping/raspberry picking and only having a very basic shower on the campsite. The baths were bliss - huge tubs, masses of hot water and enormous fluffy towels

GagaJo Tue 21-Mar-23 09:59:54

As a child my dad worked at the city pool. They had public baths too. I didn't understand why as a child. But yes. LOVELY deep baths.

Grammaretto Tue 21-Mar-23 10:07:57

They were amazing. I agree
While our house was a building site we had no hot water for months and would beg neighbours to use their baths, my DM who was living with us, caught the bus into Edinburgh to use the public baths in Infirmary st. There was a swimming bath too. Fabulous luxury - even an attendant to bring you warm towels.
Now the building is the Dovecot weavers.
Perhaps now the jacuzzi or sauna at the public baths is where people can bask in warm bubbles or heat up.

henetha Tue 21-Mar-23 10:26:00

That's a great idea, travelsafar. I would love that, and include hot tubs and saunas as well, Grammaretto.
I would definitely be a customer as I haven't been able to have a bath for about 15 years.
I remember the public baths in Torquay when I was young.
For one shilling you could have a lovely hot bath.

lyleLyle Tue 21-Mar-23 19:22:04

Giant petri dishes? No thanks!

Fleurpepper Tue 21-Mar-23 19:36:55


Giant petri dishes? No thanks!

The bath was always emptied and cleaned before next user! Why petri dishes?

Grannynannywanny Tue 21-Mar-23 20:06:43

Has anyone had a seaweed bath? I tried it years ago in a seaweed bathhouse on the west coast of Ireland. It was luxurious. The attendant filled a deep bath with warm sea water then added a large bucketful of seaweed which had been harvested from the local beach. I’ll be honest, it looked disgusting and I almost changed my mind. But it felt so lovely. My skin was soft and radiant for the rest of the day.

Fleurpepper Tue 21-Mar-23 20:13:38



Giant petri dishes? No thanks!

The bath was always emptied and cleaned before next user! Why petri dishes?

Jakuzzi, yes.

Redrobin51 Tue 21-Mar-23 21:33:36

I would love that. My dear husband got the measurements of this bathroom wrong before we bought it. I had bee promised a bath a d a shower but unfortunately when I measured it realised it was either or and as some days I had been struggling to get out of the bath we went for a shower. On days like today when I am in a lot of pain I would yrade anything to luxuriant in a deep bath it is the stuff of my dreams.

pinkprincess Tue 21-Mar-23 22:07:22


Giant petri dishes? No thanks!

That's hot tubs. I have never used one and nether will

NotSpaghetti Tue 21-Mar-23 23:49:10

I remember these from my childhood. We actually had a nice bath at home but occasionally dad would take me with him for a luxurious deep soak whilst he had a Turkish bath and a massage.
I felt very grown up.

icanhandthemback Thu 23-Mar-23 11:15:52

Yuck, no! I can't bear sitting in my own dirt and wouldn't want to take the chance that I was sitting in someone else's as well.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 23-Mar-23 11:32:37

The only way I would want to use a communal bath tub is if it was both cleaned between customers and those wanting to use it had to take a shower and wash properly under it before getting into the bath.

Showering is feasible, as you have to wash before using the swimming baths, but honestly if the tub had to be cleaned between each user the cost would be prohibitive!

Delila Thu 23-Mar-23 12:28:32

Grannynannywanny - hot seaweed bath, yes please. Gorgeous!

JRTW2 Thu 23-Mar-23 12:47:28

I used to go with my mother to the baths in Portsmouth. Happy days

Riggie Thu 23-Mar-23 12:50:39

I know I'm probably in a minority but we are a bath family. My disabled adult son flatly refuses to have a shower at all - it's a sensory issue, plus it's easier for someone to help him without them getting wet in a shower.

It's making booking nice holiday cottages harder as so many now only have a shower. (He doesn't need an adapted bath, just a standard one. And going without is not an option)

Fleurpepper Thu 23-Mar-23 12:52:30



Giant petri dishes? No thanks!

That's hot tubs. I have never used one and nether will

I love mine, but it is mine, and mine alone! Bought after my first knee replacement, and the best treat ever.

Public baths had small rooms with a large bath- and it was cleaned well after each use with fresh water- so no petri dish.

nipsmum Thu 23-Mar-23 13:30:49

No thank you. They are not for me. I couldn't put on my nightie after and get into bed. I would need to drive home. Too much trouble for little gain for me.

FoghornLeghorn Thu 23-Mar-23 14:57:30

My mum and Nan used to use the public baths when I was a child. Every Saturday morning I’d sit in the waiting room with a comic while they bathed. The water was controlled from outside each bathroom by an attendant who turned a big handle. I remember the cries of ‘more hot in number twelve please’. 😂

Gundy Thu 23-Mar-23 15:08:54

Wouldn’t it be lovely… but…

I would not be in favor of it - with people’s personal dirt, viruses, fungus strains, health issues, etc plus the sanitation after each usage is strenuous, not only the phenomenal waste of water supply, it just doesn’t seem feasible (timewise and profitably for the business).

I worked in a hospital and my 24/7 department had overnight sleeping and showering accommodations for trauma families that could not leave their ICU loved one, or were on a death watch. It worked fine as an amenity until the safety and sanitation issues became a problem. It was stopped many years ago.

Bathing consumes lots of water, showering less so. I miss my baths at home but I’m no longer able to get out of the poorly designed tub without proper handles. People wanting to soak are better off installing a walk-in, sit down tub. (My future?) For now a hot shower does the trick. Stay safe and bubbles to you!
USA Gundy

Keffie12 Thu 23-Mar-23 15:20:02

Yuck no! I only do showers. I don't want to lie in my own muck either. We only have a walk in shower in our home. Granted the wet room was put in because of disability. However we never used the bath before and only showered then.

silverlining48 Thu 23-Mar-23 15:54:26

I love my bath, and delighted that post hip replacement I can ( just about) still get in and out of it.
I never understand when people talk about not liking a bath because it’s’ sitting in your own dirt,’ . Given people now shower every day and change underwear daily, not once a week like in my day, there can be precious little if any, dirt.

madeleine45 Thu 23-Mar-23 16:25:39

In my previous house had a bath with a shower over the top of it. The shower was great for early morning, quick and minimum use of water and clean and done. But I did love an occasional bath- not to get clean but much more to put essential oil in , usually rose, lavendar or a citrus one and it was lovely and soothing and calming. Sadly only have shower here, practical and saves water but do miss the joy of the bath, but probably wouldnt be able to get out easily

NotSpaghetti Thu 23-Mar-23 18:34:53

I like a bath occasionally. It's lovely to soak.

I do like to have a good rinse afterwards though... especially if I've used an oil.

I hate all the cleaning of it though to be honest (and I do it both before and afterwards) 🙄