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Anyone else fed up with North Easterly wind flow?

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Nannysprout Sun 28-May-23 20:27:52

I realise this will just be a comment that affects those of us who live in the East of England but is anyone else fed up and worn out with this constant north easterly wind. I’m putting the fire on every evening and still feeling I need to dress like winter during the day in spite of the sunshine! It’s starting to make me feel a bit depressed and I know if the wind changes direction and it gets too hot I’ll be complaining about that too 😂 but I’m just so cold all of the time! Anyone else fed up with it?

Forlornhope Sun 28-May-23 20:36:01

I know what you mean. We are feeling the irritating north easterly in the Midlands too.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 28-May-23 20:44:51

Same here in Oxfordshire, sunny day but a chilly breeze.

BlueBalou Sun 28-May-23 20:57:12

It’s chilly in Wiltshire too but I’m not complaining because it’s lovely out of the breeze. At least I can breathe easily in the fresher air; hot, humid air nearly finishes me off.

Georgesgran Sun 28-May-23 20:59:07

Think yourselves lucky 😂. Some of us live in the North East and that chill wind can be constant.
Mind you it makes for miles and miles of deserted sandy beaches and the most impressive castles anywhere - Lindisfarne, Bamburgh and the ruins of Dunstanburgh to name but a few.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 28-May-23 21:00:45

Chilly in north Norfolk too but I don’t mind - rather that than roasting hot!

Georgesgran Sun 28-May-23 21:08:12

Couldn’t resist a few pics ….

MiniMoon Sun 28-May-23 21:21:29

Lovely day here in Northumberland but the breeze is cold. I am still wearing my winter jumpers. I managed a summer blouse on Friday but still had to put a cardigan on over it.
Look at what the incessant cold wind has done to my little cherry tree.

keepcalmandcavachon Sun 28-May-23 21:25:13

Oh, I'd put up with a chill wind for those views ( thermos of milky coffee, fab way to spend a morning). Mind you I have just put the garden parasol in back in the shed, a little breezy in the midlands this evening!

BlueBelle Sun 28-May-23 22:06:29

Such a cold east wind I totally agree
A memory came up on fb today and I m so brown and heathy looking but no sign of a tan at the moment this year still hugging my hot water bottle in the evenings

dragonfly46 Sun 28-May-23 22:13:27

I don’t mind either. If you want the sun you can sit in a sheltered spot. It is cool at night for sleeping.

Marilla Sun 28-May-23 22:13:56

Thank goodness it’s not just me!
I have now put the heating on!

BlueBelle Sun 28-May-23 22:19:32

It’s booming cold dragonfly it’s not always easy to find a sheltered spot bring on some warmth for our bones
Still need my two duvets and hot water bottles to get me to sleep

Bridie22 Sun 28-May-23 22:20:36

Fed up of it now , Friday we were covered in grey freezing sea fret, that northeasterly breeze needs to move on and let us warm up !

Sallywally1 Sun 28-May-23 22:38:08

I don’t think I have ever been so cold as I have been this winter/spring. Sunny this weekend in london, but still that pesky wind! I long just to sit outside on a balmy summer evening watching the sun go down! I’m glad I bought my electric fleecy blanket from Lakeland. Myself and the cat have regular arguments over it. He thinks it belongs to him!

MaizieD Sun 28-May-23 22:50:15

How odd.

Here in NW Durham we've had a succession of beautiful hot, sunny days. A bit cooler today when the sun was covered by cloud, but not cold. We must just be far enough inland to escape the chilly breeze.

silverlining48 Sun 28-May-23 23:02:53

Have just climbed into bed with my electric blanket on.
It was lovely today ( SE) but that wind is omnipresent!

Nannysprout Sun 28-May-23 23:23:32

Same here silverlining48! Sounds like I’m not the only one getting a bit worn down with it: longing for some warm gentle breezes ☀️

Whitewavemark2 Mon 29-May-23 00:14:07

Just back from Cornwall, and it is absolutely beautiful down there - ideal temperature.

Here on the south coast it is forecast a chilly wind for the bank holiday Monday, but it hasn't been too bad at all. Yesterday I was gardening in short sleeves.

JaneJudge Mon 29-May-23 00:19:51

i agree because my car said it was 21 degrees but the wind said otherwise! in the east

biglouis Mon 29-May-23 00:50:05

I thought it was just me! Ive been chilly every evening (I am in the N West) and have several times had to put an electric heater on for a bit.

cornergran Mon 29-May-23 01:40:58

In this coastal part of the South West it’s often (usually) windy. After a still period the return of the wind has shifted the grey cloud and torrential showers plaguing us for what felt like forever. Clear skies and sunny days are very welcome, even if there is a chilly wind. Our island certainly varies East to West, North to South. Family in Norfolk were (smugly!) reporting warm sunshine when we were cold and wet under cloud.

BlueBelle Mon 29-May-23 05:30:56

Well I live just outside Norfolk and don’t know what your family were smug about cornergran I don’t think I ve felt warm yet so far this year

NanaDana Mon 29-May-23 06:00:00

Sunny again in bonny Berwick upon Tweed this morning, but dropped to 4 degrees C overnight, with a high of 17 forecast today. Planted out a couple of dozen geraniums two days ago, but pleased to say they're OK. Some ground frost inland apparently. Looks like this cool, sunny weather in the East is likely to continue for a few more days yet.

BlueBelle Mon 29-May-23 06:27:55

Just been out to the bin and the east wind nearly took my head off 😬