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I love summer..

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Sago Thu 08-Jun-23 10:22:10

I love our garden, eating summer food outside, wearing fewer clothes, reading a book in the dappled shade, watching everything grow and flourish, picking the homegrown veg,
not putting heating on and sleeping with the windows all open.

What do you love?

Skydancer Thu 08-Jun-23 10:32:45

Cow Parsley in the hedgerows, May Blossom as it reminds me of childhood. Light nights. Walking around the house barefoot. Visiting old properties with beautiful rose gardens. English Strawberries (with clotted cream). Bliss.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Jun-23 10:35:11

Brightness instead of darkness. Our garden and all its colour. Sitting outside somewhere with a drink. Walking around National Trust gardens. Strawberries and lovely fruit and salads. I'm not keen on summer clothes as I'm best covered up these days but I'll cope!

Blossoming Thu 08-Jun-23 10:41:50

Lovely long summer evenings, glorious sunsets, the lush greenery of the trees, birdsong, warmth and relative ease of movement.

loopyloo Thu 08-Jun-23 10:53:08

And the roses!!! So beautiful this year.

Grandyma Thu 08-Jun-23 10:57:24

I love everything about Summer. When the weather warms up, days get longer, the garden comes to life, I feel an energy and optimism that is lacking when it’s cold and grey. No need for central heating, washing gets dry outside so no need for tumble dryer, a respite from heavy energy bills!! I can’t think of one negative thing about summer apart from it being over too soon.

nanna8 Thu 08-Jun-23 11:11:01

It was so nice to travel north to the warm weather. Bright blue skies, turquoise sea and sun sun sun. It cheers you up. Back now to the cooler south but at least we got sun today which was good. Mind you, it is winter for us. I don’t like the really hot weather but it is perfect here in Spring and Autumn.

Tizliz Thu 08-Jun-23 11:17:50

I like the early summer where everything is bright green and growing enthusiastically. The sun is high and doesn’t show my lack of dusting 🤣🤣🤣

Siope Thu 08-Jun-23 11:24:28

All of it, but particularly the long light evenings. I’m still waiting for some decent temperatures though.

Oreo Thu 08-Jun-23 11:54:42

All of it 😄
Main things tho are warmth to be outside and wearing Summer clothes, sitting in our yard with a glass of wine or a beer chatting or reading, drying washing on an airer in the sun, having salads for meals which means no cooking.

AGAA4 Thu 08-Jun-23 12:01:16

I love the smell of the flowers and the greenness of the trees. I eat a lot of salads and no heating so energy bills are much lower. No de-icing the car in the mornings.

AreWeThereYet Thu 08-Jun-23 14:38:42

I love the sunshine, flowers, light mornings and evenings and all the rest but most of all I think I appreciate being able to go out without boots, thermal tights or leggings, thick jackets, scarves, gloves and all the other paraphernalia to do with cold and wet weather.

Bridie22 Thu 08-Jun-23 17:03:08

I love the sunshine, the warmth,brightness and the way people smile more, love to see children playing on the beach, wearing less clothes, less heating bills!!
The lush gardens and parks, everything about blue skies and warm days make me feel happier.

Bridie22 Thu 08-Jun-23 17:04:28

Oops..phrased that wrong🤔 me wearing less clothes not the children!!!

HowVeryDareYou2 Thu 08-Jun-23 17:09:59

Washing on the line
Birds tweeting
colourful flowers
having bare legs
sitting outside

ginny Thu 08-Jun-23 17:10:28

All the things already mentioned.

BlueBelle Thu 08-Jun-23 17:39:45

Ohhhh I love summer I can’t wait for it to begin (hint hint) The warmth, the flowers, trees, the sea, the beach, kids playing and laughing, feeling warmth in my bones, the light nights, wearing less clothes, the freedom, the garden, the bees, birds, the butterflies ohh I love it so much I really think my mum and dad were in the wrong country when they had me I wasn’t made for this often miserably cold, grey, climate

Wyllow3 Thu 08-Jun-23 18:06:53

Summer as just arrived in S Yorks as its been gloom all week. I could see people perking up around me this afternoon when I popped out.

Nice lists. I might even wear a frock tomorrow.

With the 4 grandchildren 11 and under the sun makes the weekend so much easier.

1. Get very big inflatable/supported pool out
2. fill it with water
3. Add mini slides, buckets, ducks etc.

Sorted. One grandchild has severe disabilities including hardly being able to see or move a lot. But touch...water....thats 3 hours + taken care of.

cornergran Thu 08-Jun-23 18:37:28

I love everything about summer - except pesky hay fever. Seriously I do love it, being outside, going to the beach without a coat, walking by the river, tending the garden, the flowers, a garden full of dragonflies and yes, the washing drying on the line.

Kim19 Thu 08-Jun-23 18:46:04

General feeling of intense wellbeing from morning until night. Quite wonderful. The hotter the better. I'd rather wilt than stiffen.

lixy Thu 08-Jun-23 18:55:23

As above, and the baby starlings being taught to bathe in the bird bath. Very noisy and entertaining!

Casdon Thu 08-Jun-23 19:21:14


General feeling of intense wellbeing from morning until night. Quite wonderful. The hotter the better. I'd rather wilt than stiffen.

Love ❤️ that Kim19 you win the phrase of the day award!

AskAlice Thu 08-Jun-23 19:32:24

Just feeling alive! During the cold, dark winter months I feel like hibernating. The sight of the flowers coming alive, the sound of children enjoying the warm summer evenings, everything about Summer appeals to me. Maybe because I was born smack bang in the middle of it!!

wetflannel Sat 10-Jun-23 11:20:56

I love all of the above,especially storing away all those winter clothes. Although I used to be able to sit in the sun for hours,now I find it not so bearable after a while.

Nannan2 Sat 10-Jun-23 11:34:38

My Summer birthday!