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Things you would like to Avoid- alphabetical and could be anything!

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nanna8 Sat 02-Sep-23 07:50:04

A- aches

Jaxjacky Sat 02-Sep-23 08:18:39

Should this be in games nanna8?

ParlorGames Sat 02-Sep-23 08:23:42


Lomo123 Sat 02-Sep-23 08:48:37


Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Sep-23 08:53:29

Drips, human and from taps.

henetha Sat 02-Sep-23 09:31:33


Scribbles Sat 02-Sep-23 09:59:22

Frumpy appearance

Kim19 Sat 02-Sep-23 10:03:20


bluebird243 Sat 02-Sep-23 10:05:26

Highly processed food

crazyH Sat 02-Sep-23 10:07:47


lixy Sat 02-Sep-23 11:09:52


lixy Sat 02-Sep-23 11:10:41

no sense of alphabetical order today - sorry


icy toes instead

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Sep-23 11:35:10

Juice, the kind of juice that squirts out of the dumplings I was eating in Wagamamas yesterday over my white linen top. Sticky and red……and quite possibly here to stay

DanniRae Sat 02-Sep-23 12:07:26

Keeping my bra on after it's got uncomfortable! shock

Theexwife Sat 02-Sep-23 12:17:56

Games threads that are not in the correct section.

henetha Sat 02-Sep-23 12:36:39

Back to K

Lumpy gravy

ginny Sat 02-Sep-23 14:13:05

Miserable people.

DanniRae Sat 02-Sep-23 18:39:04

Nosy people

Oreo Sat 02-Sep-23 18:44:23

Occasions I have to dress up for

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Sep-23 19:43:41

Peanut butter, yuk.

lixy Sat 02-Sep-23 21:36:20

Questionnaires with yes/no answers. I need a sliding scale!

crazyH Sat 02-Sep-23 21:44:05


CocoPops Sun 03-Sep-23 03:20:05

Senile dementia

MrsKen33 Sun 03-Sep-23 06:00:15


DanniRae Sun 03-Sep-23 07:50:56

Unhappy thoughts

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