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sheila63 Fri 22-Dec-17 18:39:56

In recent years I've had messages from various people declaring that they aren't going to send Christmas Cards any more, but instead they will donate an equivalent amount of money to charity. Fair enough, but in some cases, Christmas was the only time we would be in touch.

So now I am sending cards to about half a dozen people who I don't hear back from. If you have done this yourself, please can you tell me if you still expect to receive Christmas Cards from other people? And were you selective, e.g. was it a complete 'no cards' policy or just an easy way of getting your card list down to single figures?

Chewbacca Fri 22-Dec-17 19:09:34

No, I don't want to receive any Christmas cards, thank you. I don't buy, or send, any at all and donated £30.00 to the local hospice in lieu of the costs of cards and postage.

OldMeg Fri 22-Dec-17 19:30:05

I know one person who has made such a declaration and I didn’t send her a card this year. She’s a retiree with a Very Good Pension and could easily afford to sent cards and make a donation to a favourite charity.

She could even use the WFA that she’s always saying she doesn’t need.

As the OP said it’s the only time we get in touch with certain people and I’d miss that little bit of a link.

NanKate Fri 22-Dec-17 19:32:04

Well done Chewbacca I am working up to doing what you have sensibly done.

What annoys me is that we hear from people we no longer see, but they don't put any information in the card just their names, it is more or less saying 'I'm still alive'.

BlueBelle Fri 22-Dec-17 19:32:54

I love getting cards, for me it’s the best part of Christmas and it doesn’t mean I can’t give to a charity of my choice either so I personally think it’s a bit of an excuse but no I wouldn’t send to someone who made it quite clear they didn’t like cards

OldMeg Fri 22-Dec-17 19:36:35

Don’t you think it’s more part of getting on a bit and not really wanting the hassle?

Chewbacca Fri 22-Dec-17 19:51:52

Got it in one OldMeg!

OldMeg Fri 22-Dec-17 20:34:19


NotAGran55 Fri 22-Dec-17 21:24:30

I don't like cards at Chrstmas . I'd much rather hear from casual friends once in a while by text of email .
I had a text recently from an old work mate who thought of me when she cleared out her airing cupboard ! It meant more to me than a folded piece card . Why wait until Christmas to contact people ?

BlueBelle Fri 22-Dec-17 21:37:41

No reason to wait to Christmas at all but at Christmas I enjoy seeing cards arrive and I m sad that it’s disappearing texts and emails can come any time they are everyday events

NfkDumpling Fri 22-Dec-17 22:03:13

I send cards to people who send cards to me. If someone doesn’t send one, then they get crossed off the list for the next year as it either means they’ve stopped sending cards - or died.

In many cases it’s a way of keeping in touch with old friends who I rarely see and the card is usually filled with news relevant to them. I don’t do round robins.

Christinefrance Sat 23-Dec-17 09:20:22

I love getting cards and know friends and relatives care enough to send them. I don't like it when people put a ream of information about their health problems and recent family deaths in the card. A Christmas card is for a cheery greeting any other info send me an e-mail or ring me. Younger family members don't send cards to each other but send them to me to keep the old girl happy.🎅