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Whether you’re after advice on how to avoid Christmas weight gain, want to find out how to deal with family stress, or searching for the perfect Christmas gift? Then you've come to the right place. Check out everything in our Christmas section.

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Making Christmas more eco- friendly

52 Namsnanny

Christmas prep

98 Witzend

Bah humbug!!

21 GrannyGravy13

Electric plate warmer

18 dragonfly46

Traditional Christmas dinner

30 rockgran

Who else still makes Christmas puddings?

63 BlueSapphire

Christmas Hampers

23 gillybob

Boycott Xmas crackers plastic crap

41 felice

DIL's parental alienation: indestructible gifts or how to handle Christmas??

51 Squibsy

Anyone else excited?

187 Nannyxthree


5 Mapleleaf

Wrapping paper

38 ayse

Christmas holidays

87 Francis

Elf - a favourite Christmas movie no longer?

62 Francis

I think I’ll be alone this Christmas and can’t help feeling sad

132 Francis

The Twelve Threads of Christmas 🤣🤣🤣🤣

35 GrannyGravy13

Christmas gift

22 notanan2

We had a lovely time despite the fact I hate Christmas.

14 JoannaGrey68

Christmas online deliveries

10 elmaasheley147

Christmas....changes ?

10 elmaasheley147

Thinking about booking a cottage for next Christmas

7 grassgreen

Appreciation for presents

45 DIL17

Are you running round in circles?

73 Niobe

Unwanted present

36 mcem

Tackling the turkey leftovers!

72 Gagagran

So, before we all forget, share your Christmas tips ready for next year!

56 Pittcity

This isn't a discussion

28 PageTurner

Minor kitchen disasters yesterday, anyone?

30 goose1964

Gransnet's virtual Christmas party - everyone's invited

144 Rufus2

My best present to myself

94 Itsmyfirstrodeo

How lucky I am! A Round Robin to you all!

24 Jalima1108

Festival of Lessons and Carols from Kings

9 NfkDumpling

Christmas Party Playlist

62 Day6

Treating Grandchildren differently

69 H1954

Fed up of doing it all

43 Grammaretto

Note to self, next Christmas I ...............

17 travelsafar


16 travelsafar

Marks & Sparks Christmas Cards

87 ReadyMeals

A hopeful Christmas wish to one who matters.

5 Chewbacca


16 Chrispy

christmas spirit

12 Anniebach

Dreading Christmas

24 Dontaskme

I don't like "Santa"!

43 notanan2

I think Mr P may have lost the plot.

28 BBbevan

Socks for Christmas

41 Legs55

Christmas Hamper

2 shysal

Hard not to laugh!

14 Day6


76 mcem

Christmas Markets- are there any good ones?

47 KatyK

Just made my own Toffee Vodka

9 oldbatty