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Worried about how coronavirus will affect your Christmas? You're not alone. Read more here on the latest rules and how they affect grandparents this Christmas.
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Three days with no electricity

40 BlueBelle

Hotter Relax slippers

14 Blinko

Christmas present for grandson

18 M0nica

Cadbury's Roses Rant

46 Hellogirl1


10 Charleygirl5

The Gransnet Virtual Christmas party 2020 with Ensure NutriVigor

391 LucyBGransnet

Christmas Cards

11 Beechnut

Best Christmas present?

16 grandtanteJE65

Was it always this bare?!

97 SueDonim

Should I Say Something ?

89 grannypiper

Nieces and nephews at Christmas

22 NannyB2604

16 pigs in blankets, just for me and dh!

36 Witzend

Here we are again- unwanted gifts.

71 Shandy57

A plea for tact....

30 Jane10


15 Welshwife

I was just stripping the turkey, and suddenly had a vivid memory....

12 Witzend

Anybody else glad it’s over?

83 maddyone

Boxes of chocolates

132 annodomini

so glad it's over

2 Unigran4

Captions wanted!!

22 Ohmother

Carols at Kings BBC 2 @ 5.39

27 Mapleleaf

The loveliest Christmas song this year

19 Blinko

The Gransnet 2020 Christmas playlist

93 suzette1613

Be kind to yourself at Christmas.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

20 LauraNorder

A Christmas smile 2020.

24 Sparklefizz

Asda customer buys 23 slots to sell on Facebook marketplace

20 Sarnia

Santa Claus is covid Secure

5 Septimia

An alternative Christmas carol

7 Wheniwasyourage

Christmas Day bubble

5 Goinggaga20

This made me smile this morning - NB, not for any more Proper GNers

47 grandtanteJE65

'Twas a Pandemic Christmas!

47 lemongrove

I intensely dislike christmas.

318 Doug1


87 LauraNorder

Mulled wine

45 JackyB

Christmas for a bereaved child

39 Hithere

Christmas Boxes for Postman etc.

30 quizqueen

Giving Christmas presents during pandemic

35 SueDonim

Ludicrous round robins. Who can be the braggiest.

89 Witzend

Why was I too dopey to work this out before?

9 Callistemon

Piped Christmas Music whilst shopping Can Be Nauseating

13 Witzend

Christmas as usual

65 Namsnanny

Why listen to the Govt

10 M0nica

Will you dress up on Christmas day

154 AmberSpyglass

My Christmas Gift Boxes

10 Spice101

I'm a Poinsetta killer!

20 Rosalyn69

Let’s do Christmas differently this year ...

23 GrannySomerset

Boxing Day opening!

48 Daisymae

Christmas disaster

34 Witzend

Present for friend at Christmas (or birthday).

36 Tickledpink