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Worried about how coronavirus will affect your Christmas? You're not alone. Read more here on the latest rules and how they affect grandparents this Christmas.
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Christmas day lunch

70 MercuryQueen

Waitrose Christmas deliveries 🎄🤶

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Advent calendars

98 goose1964

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

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Christmas, daughter and family

6 maddyone


83 Callistemon21

presents to myself

102 Like18KChain

Your ideal Christmas Present

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First Footing

6 grandtanteJE65

The King's Speech

316 volver

Mixed nuts

20 Yammy

Alone at Christmas - am I expecting too much?

52 Caleo

The 12 Days of Christmas

9 Sar53

New Years eve

36 Caleo

No help, no gift so we are skiing

120 Alioop

Christmas Covid dilemma

15 SueDonim

What my 13 year old GS has requested for Christmas

176 Sallywally1

We’ve had Christmas already

48 Mistyfluff8

Christmas Day Sea Swim! 🥶🥶

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Christmas Flu

18 Witzend

Home alone at Xmas

22 sodapop

Stollen and Port. Recipe ideas

8 kissngate

Still in my dressing gown at 11.30,but….

21 Kalu

Children meeting Father Christmas, 1955

23 Kate1949

Words fail me - stunningly beautiful rendition.

14 MawtheMerrier

First Christmas cookery cock-up! 🎄🎅🏻

13 Spice101

Now That’s a Cost of Living Christmas (light hearted)

7 Callistemon21

Christmas Eve Meal Ideas

99 rubysong

Guilty feelings about not hosting christmas

52 Coral11

Cheesy Mince pies anyone?

15 Lovetopaint037

Do you still buy Xmas bits even though...........

4 henetha

Any carolers at your house?

9 Esmay

The Gransnet Virtual Christmas party 2020 with Ensure NutriVigor

392 Sbarrow67

My 5 minute ‘arrangement’ - or 10 if you count the picking…

11 Grammaretto

The most outrageous gift suggestions for Christmas😳

15 Callistemon21

Any Christmas tips?

51 NannaGrandad

Portly Santa

12 AussieGran59

Christmas funnies

9 mummytummy

The latest game

4 Oopsadaisy1

Couldn’t Father Christmas help?

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Carol Concert.

5 Chocolatelovinggran

Mum won't come fir Christmas

66 karmalady

Home alone this Christmas

42 karmalady

GCHQ Christmas Challenge 2022

5 Pittcity

M&S Sparks 12 days of Christmas

227 Grannynannywanny

Did you have a works event at Christmas ?

22 Norah

Christmas - how much are you paring back ?

73 Redhead56

I actually found some warm white STATIC tree lights with a green cable!

5 Casdon

Christmas cracker fillers for toddlers

8 Nicks

Christmas card etiquette

8 Larsonsmum