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Worried about how coronavirus will affect your Christmas? You're not alone. Read more here on the latest rules and how they affect grandparents this Christmas.
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sorted and ready for Christmas 2020

47 Greenfinch

Xmas decs

113 PamelaJ1

Handmade gifts

35 Namsnanny

Christmas prep

283 Namsnanny

Who else buys themselves a traditional Advent Calendar?

33 Daisymae

The Twelve Days of Christmas

20 Teetime

Thumbs up to Morrisons, Waitrose and John Lewis

2 Sarnia

Christmas 2020

56 Kseniya

How to do a solo christmas?

23 Dinahmo

If you’ve got a dinosaur-mad grandchild....

3 CorneliaStreet

Save Christmas! Sign my petition so families can meet safely at Christmas time

18 mumofmadboys

Crackers at Christmas - who knew!

11 Witzend

Dinner shopping list

69 MawB

Bad Christmas dinners

72 kissngate

Taking the decs down yet?

84 Greenfinch

I love them honest I do but I’m glad they’ve gone.

158 korol

Comparing how much grandparents spend

105 SallyB392

Doing Christmas every year

37 Grandma2213

Weight gain over the Christmas period

15 Barmeyoldbat

Hubby came up trumps

23 Jillybird

Fights in supermarkets

57 Jane10

Things that should be punishable at Christmas! (light hearted)

66 willa45

So.....!" you going to do anything different next Christmas?

22 BradfordLass72

They are down and put away

14 Namsnanny

Quiet Christmas next year ?

4 fourormore

Not food Not family, just Christmas.

18 Resurgam123

Christmas morning

6 ninathenana

Santas snack, bit of fun.

15 AllotmentLil

Feeling hurt at Christmas

16 Hithere

Best bit of Christmas

12 Maggiemaybe

"All the trimmings"

42 M0nica

Cook, eat, wash up, repeat.....

8 phoenix

My bread sauce just made twitter!!

19 Flowerofthewest

Hold the cooking plans!

30 Evie64

So, what food that you prepared for Christmas was forgotten?

2 Dottynan

Yorkshire pudding or no Yorkshire pudding?

76 Maggiemaybe

Gransnet Christmas Party 2019

61 Flossie13

Resisting temptation!

60 mande

dressing your pets up for Xmas and buying them pressies

79 dinks13

why do we do it at christmas time?????

27 M0nica

Is it really Christmas?

34 grannyactivist

Will Father Christmas manage to get down your chimney grandma

50 Alishka

Cooking - I’ve forgotten how!

61 Fishpieplease

Just for laughs

77 Grannyknot

Where do you put your Christmas food?

45 MiniMoon

Buon Natale

11 BlueSapphire

Most successful presents you've ever given?

27 GrannySomerset

Turkey brining

3 Flutterby1

I've done it again....

92 M0nica

"Cursing the gammon" An oldie, but apparently a GN Christmas tradition!

14 grandtanteJE65