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Christmas Eve Box

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lexigran Sun 24-Dec-17 19:40:42

I've noticed on FB that several of my friends children/ grandchildren have a Christmas Eve this a new thing? ? tchhmm

Lynnebo Sun 24-Dec-17 19:56:08

I've first heard of it last year - very clever marketing methinks!!

BlueBelle Sun 24-Dec-17 19:58:49

We always did that when the kids were small just told them they could choose one present from under the tree ( not Father Christmas presents of course) on Christmas Eve these were mainly made up of any small presents from away family

Cherrytree59 Sun 24-Dec-17 20:00:29

Not quite a Christmas eve box
But some new PJs
Drinking chocolate with marshmallows
And a Christmas story booktchsmile

MissAdventure Sun 24-Dec-17 20:05:20

My mum and I used to allow my daughter a present off the tree on condition that she stuffed the turkey. Once she grew a bit older she wouldn't do it anymore!

lexigran Sun 24-Dec-17 20:17:17

I agree Lynnebo! I think I prefer your plan Cherrytree59, not forgetting a carrot for Rudolph tchsmile

Norah Mon 25-Dec-17 13:55:17

We open boxes from far away family on Christmas Eve.