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help with presents

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labazs1964 Sun 18-Nov-18 08:30:31

i wonder if you clever and kind folk would help me out with my present problems?
first is my sister and husband not sure what to get as usual she is very posh has a minimal house so no pictures ornaments picture frames etc all i can think is she likes gin so hope that someone will come up with a winning gift idea we usually spend about £20 on each others gifts
niece daughter of above pointless me keep buying gift tokens she has an excellent job as manageress of a jewellery shop dont know anything she likes she is about 27 does like wine i think
grandson mum says he is into seals the animals not the stamp sort and loves nature of all kinds he is 7 same budget
thank you all

wildswan16 Sun 18-Nov-18 09:10:33

If I were you I would tell the adults you are giving the equivalent money to your favourite charity this year. If you visit you can take a token bottle of wine or some chocs/flowers.

As for the little boy - does he have a subscription to a wildlife magazine?

mcem Sun 18-Nov-18 09:53:24

Craft gins are readily available.
Charity donations where a card is provided giving recipient details of the gift.