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Last minute Christmas break

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schnackie Sun 02-Dec-18 17:38:29

I live in a very small flat in Kent. I have a friend from Switzerland who I invited for Christmas months ago - she and I are both single ladies with no family nearby - and she has taken me up on the offer! I am now wondering if I should look for someplace to go for a few days as there is very little to do where I live and I don't have a car. I have heard of turkey and tinsel etc, at hotels near the seaside, but I'm having trouble locating any deals online. Mind you, she is only 40, I am 66 but we would both be up for different experience. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated! PS She may be from Switzerland but we are both on a budget!!

EllanVannin Sun 02-Dec-18 18:09:08

There was 20 years difference in my lovely friend and myself but we got on so well and both shared the same sort of entertainment as she was a terrific sport. Everything we did we did together so I always assume that close friends are the same worldwide.

I imagine that all sorts of events take place in Kent but a lot of places have to be pre-booked before Christmas. There will be a few hotels who cater for Christmas but they're not cheap around £250 each for 2 nights but that's for a full Christmas menu Eve and the Day itself.
I'd go if that was me.

silverlining48 Sun 02-Dec-18 19:07:02

If you can’t get booked in a hotel overnight how about ringing a nice hotel not too far from you and book afternoon tea or something like that.
If your friend is not British then she might be interested in looking around the county which has some lovely places to visit that you can get to by train perhaps. Canterbury, coastal, London of course. The list is endless. I hope you have a lovely time.

M0nica Mon 03-Dec-18 10:03:22

You could book a meal out on Christmas day. Almost every hotel and pub does that these days so you should be able to find one locally that is not booked out and at a variety of prices.

Public transport is limited Christmas Day - 27th, but if your friend is coming a few days before Christmas and staying after the 27th, then as others have pointed out, there are many places you can get to by public transport, from coastal towns to local towns like Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Canterbury and of course, go up to London.

schnackie Mon 03-Dec-18 10:30:38

Thanks for your lovely suggestions! I forgot about Canterbury - on my doorstep practically! Visitors always love that. Plus I might be able to rent a car (I do drive) and go someplace like Sandwich. I just needed your suggestions to jog my imagination. Sitting around by oneself does tend to dull it!

M0nica Mon 03-Dec-18 11:40:04

What a lovely reply.

silverlining48 Mon 03-Dec-18 18:43:51

Schnakie Canterbury and Sandwich are lovely and Don’t forget broadstairs, whitstable, Faversham, Tenterden and so many other attractive places to visit if you rent a car. Otherwise a day in London by train is a good option. Bluewater by train or bus if she likes shopping ( pRobaBly crowded though).
Glad we could help. Have a lovely time.