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Christmas shopping nightmares!

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Witzend Sat 02-Nov-19 09:09:54

I mean that literally - I used to have them now and then - e.g. it's 4 pm on Christmas Eve and somehow I've forgotten to buy any presents, a tree, etc.

I'm sure it dates back to a real panic-shop. Dh and I were living in the Middle East, I was working at the airport and qualified for 10% flights, though standby only, so we never knew till last minute whether we'd get on the plane.

So we decided to fly back on the 23rd if poss, and not tell anyone in case it didn't work out. (Luckily we knew that dh's folks would have room for us.).

Hence I had just Christmas Eve to buy and wrap presents for at least 10 people. Couldn't buy anything beforehand, there often weren't even basics in the shops locally then.

I haven't had that particular nightmare for quite a while, thank goodness!
Does anyone else have them?

Marmight Sat 02-Nov-19 09:15:34

No, but I can well understand why you do/did! We are doing Secret Santa this year for the adults so I only have one present to cope with plus 4 GCs which is a doddle.

Teetime Sat 02-Nov-19 09:25:12

I have a recurring nightmare that its Christmas morning and I haven't done anything- no presents, no food nothing!!!

ExperiencedNotOld Sat 02-Nov-19 09:46:13

Perhaps modern life has sold us a turkey. That Christmas MUST BE AS PERFECT as the ads have persuaded us they should be. Personally, I’ve always been lucky enough to have got through without to much of a drama but would life be immeasurably marred if it all went a bit wrong? Of course not. I remember a Christmas when aged 9, both parents had flu and were very unwell. Christmas was delayed, my younger brothers had a whale of a time looking after ourselves (we were too far away from other family) and it seemed more special when we did get around to it. We all remember that year more fondly than all those other years when it went right.

sunseeker Sat 02-Nov-19 11:06:47

I used to have the same nightmare as Teetime - not so much now I am on my own - although instead of trudging around the shops I tend to order things from John Lewis and pick them up at my local Waitrose!