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Unexpected and last minute Christmas present!

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jellybeanjean Sat 21-Dec-19 17:15:06

Hi all, and Merry Christmas!
My lovely younger brother and his wife have sent me 6 bottles of wine and my husband a very special calendar, which he loves (all about planes!) These gifts arrived yesterday and I'm feeling guilty as I've only sent them a card. It's clearly too late to send them something now, but I will make up for it later. But what do I buy? They're in London, we're on the Dorset coast and any gifts have to be posted as my brother's wife and my husband are not up to travelling. We're not used to buying expensive gifts and what they sent must have cost a fair bit. What on earth can I buy them?

tanith Sat 21-Dec-19 17:19:05

How about a special hamper, Fortnum & Mason do a vast range at assorted prices, my son sends me one each Christmas and it such a lovely gift to unpack and find out what’s inside. Of course there are many cheaper hampers on sale too.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 21-Dec-19 17:19:12

John Lewis e-gift, you can choose the amount, it arrives in their inbox immediately. (Can be spent online or instore)

M0nica Sat 21-Dec-19 17:20:00


I would say if you looked at Interflora or Waitrose, or even ring a florist near there home, they could deliver a magnificent seasonal bouquet or arrangement on Christmas Eve.

PamelaJ1 Sat 21-Dec-19 17:21:38

Loads of vouchers on line.
What do they like?
Spa day, balloon ride, meal in a restaurant. They are all out there.

Feelingmyage55 Sat 21-Dec-19 17:24:44

FaceTime them and say “cheers” - seriously, they want you to enjoy a treat. Send flowers in the second week of January when it is so gloomy after the festive season, especially after the decorations come down and the house looks a little bare.

jellybeanjean Sat 21-Dec-19 17:30:42

Feelingmyage55, that's it! Flowers in January and perhaps a small hamper as well. Many thanks to all!

GrandmaMoira Sat 21-Dec-19 17:38:39

My DB and SIL don't live near me but I choose something to order online, usually from M&S or John Lewis. It's easy.

J52 Sat 21-Dec-19 18:10:35

Do they have any special interests? Magazine subscriptions would spread your gift over 12 months.
They don’t usually send the first one till January, but let the recipient know by card or email.

Daisymae Sat 21-Dec-19 18:22:01

Send a Christmas arrangement. A local florist will have something suitable. Just phone, give them your budget and jobs done.

Grammaretto Sat 21-Dec-19 19:48:55

Why do you need to buy them anything? It's not tit-for-tat.
People enjoy giving a gift they know will hit the right note but if you haven't found the perfect gift, for whatever reason, just thank them and say "you shouldn't have".
Unless you want to exchange matching value gifts for ever.

EllanVannin Sat 21-Dec-19 19:52:03

As M0nica and Daisymae suggested---flowers ( Christmassy )

Coolgran65 Sat 21-Dec-19 20:01:29

A planted up pot for the front door. I've just had one delivered from my local florist.

JackyB Sat 21-Dec-19 20:02:27

You live in Dorset, they live in London. Just ask them down for a weekend in the spring and give them a nice time away from the Big Smoke.

MamaCaz Sat 21-Dec-19 20:56:08

I agree with Grammaretto , the key point being in the last sentence - " Unless you want to exchange matching value gifts for ever. "

Sussexborn Sat 21-Dec-19 21:02:17

Might be that they spotted the calendar and realised it would be perfect for your OH then didn’t want to leave you out!

I’ve used Flying Flowers and been happy with them. They deliver via the post and you can add chocolates and other goodies as an added treat. Best to check that your brother isn’t away for a week. 💐🌺🌸

notanan2 Sat 21-Dec-19 21:07:08

Promise to arrange to get together so they can help you to drink the wine. Make an actual in the diary date.

That's enough

MamaCaz Sat 21-Dec-19 21:20:13

notanan's suggestion sounds like a great idea to me!

PageTurner Sat 21-Dec-19 21:24:57

All excellent gift ideas, and I particularly like JackieB's and notanan's suggestions.
Merry Christmas🎄