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Not food Not family, just Christmas.

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Namsnanny Fri 27-Dec-19 20:03:35

Ignoring for now, the family and food at Christmas, the things I take pleasure in this time of year are:

The candlelight reflected in the church stained glass windows.

The street Christmas lights against a grey dusk evening.

Coming home to the warmth of the wood burning stove.

The beautiful shape of the Christmas tree, and watching the lametta dance about when the door opens.

Hearing the jingle jangle of the bells I've sewn onto Christmas slippers and hats I've made.

Carols. Though not so much Christmas songs!

Making wreaths for long gone relatives and taking them to the graves. Talking to the occupants whilst I'm there.

Getting out the 12 days of Christmas diner service and admiring it.

Seeing the red berries on my front door wreath, they look so beautiful against the greenery.

The sense of excitement and expectation (forgetting that it evaporates quickly in the face of the truth)

Unpacking the nativity set again.

Wedging the camel with only 3 legs.

Gluing baby Jesus back in the manager after being dropped last year.

Knitting ridiculous themed jumpers hats and slippers for everyone.

Making seasonal produce.

Watching the smoke swirl and spiral out of the chimney.

That will do for now, I just didn't want the season to move on without taking a minute or two to observe and enjoy the small things, before it's all packed away again for another year!

How about you, any thoughts?

sodapop Fri 27-Dec-19 20:38:26

Putting all the old baubles on the tree with all the memories they hold, no designer trees here.

Waiting for the other shoe to fall after an element went in the oven

The cosy feeling at home with Christmas decorations, glowing fire and a glass of something nice.

Getting cards from family and friends in the post.

Nannytopsy Fri 27-Dec-19 20:40:48

Catching the smell of the Christmas tree as I brush past.

CanadianGran Fri 27-Dec-19 20:50:17

Yes, enjoying the curtains drawn in the evening, and the glow of the lights on the Christmas tree.

The special Christmas placemat under my plate, with a cheery quilted holly pattern and red trim.

Namsnanny Fri 27-Dec-19 20:55:08

Yes Nannytopsy the Christmas tree smell! I tried to find an oil that smelled the same but no luck yet.

Getting cards is lovely too Sodapop

AllotmentLil Sat 28-Dec-19 16:20:10

The lights, the cards, the old baubles (especially the angel made by DD in nursery, she’s now 37), the angel made by DGD for the second tree, the little train track that goes round the lit up gin bottle(!), Christmas bunting.
Most of all the Nativity Scene which symbolises for me what it’s all about ...

inkycog Sat 28-Dec-19 17:15:16

None of it at all. Glad it's over. I think the sky was slightly lighter tonight.

HillyN Sat 28-Dec-19 17:25:52

The magical expression on my baby GD's face as she watched the flashing lights of the decorations and the touch of her fingers on my sequinned top as she tried to work out why it sparkled.

jacq10 Sat 28-Dec-19 17:58:31

DGS and I battling the elements to get some holly with berries for behind Granny's many pictures. That and paper chains were the only decorations I can remember being put up in the late 40's in the family home.
PS: There was also a paper bell thing which was just about falling to pieces but kept coming out every year and hung off the ceiling!! I loved clipping it together to make the bell shape!!

Calendargirl Sat 28-Dec-19 18:02:59

Just feeling a bit sad that even our youngest grandchild no longer believes in Santa. Well, she is nearly 12! But just not the same when the magic has gone.

Namsnanny Sat 28-Dec-19 19:53:26

Encourage your gd to appreciate all the lovely things (besides food and gifts) you can do together before and during the season Calendargirl. Lots of things to make, and lots of things to see that set the scene for Christmas day. You can both share more fun that way.

Jacq10 .. I love the thought of the two of you dressed up in winter woollies looking for holly!

HillyN ...sweet little thing, but you can still marvel with her at other things, so not just for Christmas.

Inkycog … No I don't think so, just not full of rain clouds, until tomorrow that is grin

Namsnanny Sat 28-Dec-19 19:55:52

Allotmentlil … It's lovely to treasure the things our children made when little isn't it? Plus to add to them with gchildrens makes.

I have many Christmas cards made by mine when they were younger, and it's so nice to read them again each Christmas.

lemongrove Sat 28-Dec-19 21:15:58

The lit tree, the holly wreath and garlands and cards and candles and log fire, it all looks so lovely, I never want to pack it away, in fact will leave it up for the next few weeks.

B9exchange Sat 28-Dec-19 21:31:37

The candles and floral decorations in the Cathedral for the midnight service. The Christmas tree with decorations we have collected from all around the world. The outside lights to greet us every time we come back in the evening. The smell of the turkey cooking!

GagaJo Sat 28-Dec-19 21:36:14

I'm not really a Christmas fan. But with a young grandson, we've made a lot more effort this year.

In particular, my daughter strung baubles (clear and silver, fairly plain) at random heights, in the living room window (couldn't have them on the tree because the toddler kept taking them off). They look so pretty.

BlueSapphire Sat 28-Dec-19 22:08:25

Just everything, and how kind my neighbours are since DH died. And in particular my lovely family who make sure I am well looked after, not on my own and dosed with plenty of wine and Prosecco!

M0nica Sat 28-Dec-19 22:47:33

The whole preparation that starts with going out to the Christmas tree farm, just in the Chilterns, driving along wooded country roads to buy it - and then lunch in a pub in the nearest village,

Getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft

Decorating the tree, as others have said, baubles dating back to my parent's childhood, others my DGC have made.

After that almost evrything that other poster's have said!

Resurgam123 Sun 29-Dec-19 11:52:06

You have to have someone else who finds Christmas enjoyable
My OH is really not one of those. And that really
drags me down.
However my son inlaw rang some time ago and they are possibly on their way. My daughter and little boys. (Well not so little now.) The little ones live in Sheffield.

Dear son now in his 40s and his very nice partner, she is a good deal more sociable than number 1.
They are staying nearby.

I dont see him very often we are in Cheshire and son is in east Grinstead.
This really does make life complicated. Its a heck of a way from Cheshire to the south coast.