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HAZBEEN Mon 23-Nov-20 15:35:39

I noticed a thread in the trending list that wasn't showing up on my Last day list. I did post about that on that thread and reported my own post to try to reach GNHQ but as yet haven't had a reply.
A bit more investigation has shown that all threads in the Christmas forum are missing from my Last Day list! Now I know its possible to hide individual threads but didn't think you could hide a whole forum!
Anyone else had this?

HAZBEEN Mon 23-Nov-20 15:38:41

Just proved my own point by posting on Christmas and my own post doesn't show up on my list!
I am going to post about this again on Site Stuff in case others are having the same problem if you see what I mean.

BlueBelle Mon 23-Nov-20 18:47:49

There all there for me hazbeen

Spinnaker Mon 23-Nov-20 19:59:29

I've also noticed that the Christmas thread doesn't show in my last hour list but did on the trending list. I kept wondering where all the Christmas chatter was and then I checked and it was all there but just not on view. I did wonder if GNHQ were waiting for 1st December before they put it on show grin

BlueBelle Mon 23-Nov-20 20:03:24

Definitely all there on my last day/ last hour lists

kircubbin2000 Mon 23-Nov-20 20:04:28

Where can I find this list?

BlueBelle Mon 23-Nov-20 20:25:25

If you go to the top you can look at last hour lists or last days list Christmas thread appear in both of those lists for me

phoenix Mon 23-Nov-20 20:42:59

Thread, or forum?

BlueBelle Mon 23-Nov-20 21:13:53

I don’t really understand what’s being asked If I go into ‘Forums’ The Christmas forum is there as normal, if I go into ‘last day’ or ‘last hour’ various Christmas threads show up as active
I can’t think what else the hazbeen means do you ?

HAZBEEN Tue 24-Nov-20 16:13:27

Sorry BlueBelle I have only just seen your post.
I could only find the Christmas threads if I went into Forums, they did not show up on the Last Day or Last Hour lists. So I thought it strange there was no Christmas threads at this time of year!
Seemingly it was a glitch in the system which GNHQ have sorted out. Then I couldn't post for a while but that's sorted as well (obviously as I am posting!)