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Trains to London on December 27th

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Retired65 Tue 24-Nov-20 19:54:31

My son and his wife were planning to come home for Christmas,having heard the Government announcement about households being able to meet up over Christmas. He went to book train tickets and found that although he could get here to Yorkshire by train he couldn't get back as all tickets have been sold already. He doesn't understand how the trains are booked up already. I think it is because people guessed the Government would allow some kind of Christmas visiting.

Grannyben Tue 24-Nov-20 20:02:22

Have a look on a different site. I always buy my train tickets through Red Spotted Hanky.

MawBe Tue 24-Nov-20 20:14:42

It is also because of reduced capacity on the trains added to cancellations because of planned engineering works.
I would persevere with the various sites and /or look at an alternative route perhaps.
Rubbish luck for them though

dragonfly46 Wed 25-Nov-20 07:56:39

The roads are also going to be heaving!

suziewoozie Wed 25-Nov-20 08:32:04

Can they go back a day later? It won’t make the slightest difference so far as risk is concerned and it’s not as though anyone in authority cares about any rules this Christmas is it? Or have I missed the announcement of the return of the virus on 28th?

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 08:36:20

Suziewoozie as the government has arranged for the virus not to spread during the five days of Christmas could they not do it for a bit longer ?

Ellianne Wed 25-Nov-20 08:37:49

I think you're right Retired65 that people preempted the government's decision and bought tickets ahead. I don't dare say how many Ryanair flights I have block booked in the past and not used several along the way. Some people are prepared to take the early risk to get a seat.
I hope they find an alternative.

Oldbat1 Wed 25-Nov-20 09:18:54

Heard on news this morning Simon Calder I think that Xmas period train tickets aren’t being sold until Friday?

Ellianne Wed 25-Nov-20 09:48:44

The Paddington line our DS uses definitely has available tickets that day. There are major works in the Kings Cross area from 26th December - 3rd January so maybe there just won't be any trains to and from certain places?

Devorgilla Sat 28-Nov-20 17:12:02

You can sign up on Trainline etc for date of early release of Christmas/New Year tickets. Their website should tell you. Of course, that could be cancelled this year as travel more restricted. If they are doing it, your son will need to be on the site the second it opens. They go fast, especially the cheap ones. Tell your son to have a look at going back via the Peterborough/Stansted line. It runs into Liverpool Street or Tottenham Hale and tube from there. A bit roundabout, but if it gets them home. My daughter is driving up simply because of train works into Kings Cross.

Devorgilla Fri 04-Dec-20 17:00:16

Retired65, I have just had an email from LNER saying their Christmas tickets are available but going fast. I thought I'd let you know so that your son can go online for his journey at Christmas.