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I thought I’d finished all my Christmas knitting, but...

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Witzend Fri 27-Nov-20 09:07:01

Yesterday dd1 dug out the Nativity set I made a couple of years ago. Gdcs have been playing with it but the smallest item has gone missing - the nice neat little pile of donkey poo (to add authenticity to the stable, you understand.)

So out will be coming the no. 11 needles again, and the brown wool - I do hope Jean Greenhowe wouldn’t be aghast to know how her nice little pattern for holly berries is being abused. 😱

Alegrias2 Fri 27-Nov-20 09:14:22


That made me laugh Witzend. Could you post a picture for us all to see? Not just the poo, the whole scene, obviously 🤣🤣

Nana3 Fri 27-Nov-20 09:22:09

Ha ha, love it Witzend. I love knitting but my skills aren't good enough to make a nativity set, I have tried.
My brother liked to tease my daughters with real sheep poo pretending to put it in their pockets, this was when we were hill walking!

Witzend Sat 28-Nov-20 12:32:10

Here’s the photo of it just after it was all finished - it’s not all in situ yet, we kept the somewhat wonky stable here since we have more space than dd and SiL. Taking stable to dd on Monday.
(You can just about see the pile of poo!)

Greenfinch Sat 28-Nov-20 12:58:22

That is absolutely beautiful Witzend and the poo can be clearly seen grin

honeyrose Sat 28-Nov-20 13:06:13

That is absolutely beautiful, Witzend, and so detailed. The poo just adds those authentic, finishing touches. Well done. A family heirloom without a doubt. 👏🏻

Alegrias2 Sat 28-Nov-20 16:12:42

Thanks for posting Witzend, that's so impressive. I'm a knitter myself but I never have the patience or the skill to create such detailed work. flowers

Witzend Sat 28-Nov-20 17:58:27

Not much skill at all involved, @Alegrias2, honestly - the patterns are all quite simple - but a lot of very time consuming sewing up!

Callistemon Sat 28-Nov-20 17:59:36


Oh heck, not the NS!
(links away to hide)

Callistemon Sat 28-Nov-20 18:00:35

Slinks away.
See, I can't even type let alone sew up and stuff umpteen figures languishing in a bag.

Witzend Sat 28-Nov-20 18:02:30

Sorry, @Callistemon!

Witzend Sat 28-Nov-20 18:05:40

Post it to me! I’m feeling at a bit of a craft-less loose end at the moment, and I’ve got plenty of stuffing left. I don’t like to think of them still languishing there, all sad and unloved. 😩

Nana3 Sat 28-Nov-20 23:03:19

Callistemon That's an offer you can't refuse ☺

Namsnanny Sat 28-Nov-20 23:13:51

As soon as I read the title, I knew this thread was yours Witzend grin