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This was cute, no photos sorry.

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felice Fri 04-Dec-20 14:37:18

Just collected DGS from school, he cam out very excited. It is St Nicolas day on Sunday and normally he would visit the school on the day or on the Friday before.
As he could not actually visit today, this afternoon a police helicopter hovered over the school with St Nicolas leaning out and waving to all the children gathered in the playground, he threw a few sweets out and the teachers opened boxes to give all the children small packs.
Nothing earth shattering but nice to think that the children were being thought about.
I did hear a chopper but did not think it was for the local schools.

Esspee Fri 04-Dec-20 14:41:37

Lovely to hear of some Christmas spirit being shown. I would have loved to see the children’s faces.

Tabbycat Fri 04-Dec-20 14:44:26

When I was a little girl we lived in Holland and I remember celebrating St Nicholas's Day. We went outside to see St Nicholas riding past on a white horse with his servant running along behind.

TrendyNannie6 Fri 04-Dec-20 14:47:22

That was lovely

Ellianne Fri 04-Dec-20 15:25:51

Great idea to make the children happy!
There's always a way round things where Saint Nicholas/Santa is concerned!

Urmstongran Fri 04-Dec-20 15:56:01

Lovely tale felice.

And Professor Van Tam assured everyone that FC will be the first to get the vaccine!

Ellianne Fri 04-Dec-20 16:03:58

And don't forget the Norad Santa Tracker for the kids!

Jane10 Fri 04-Dec-20 16:21:55


JackyB Fri 04-Dec-20 16:55:53

It's a big day here in Germany too for the kids. Church organisations, Scouts, Fire Services etc all organise Nikolaus visits to the children, or parties (those were the days). This year there will be less festivities but parents will be thinking up ways of treating the children at home.

In our church, some of the men (including my eldest DS, at least, until he went to America) go round to families that have booked a Nikolaus visit. There is a special poem they have to say, and a couple of altar boys/girls go along to hand out the presents (provided by the parents). The children are told what good things they have done during the year, read from Nikolaus' big golden book, and also some of the bad things they have done (never terribly serious).

Parents used to threaten children with Nikolaus - he has a big stick. When my DS3 was at kindergarten, I brought my guitar with me one day to sing some Nikolaus songs with the children. More than one child dived under his chair when he saw me - I hate to think what their parents had been threatening them with. I wasn't even dressed up!

I have a picture somewhere of one of our choir in full regalia. He came along to a choir practice after he'd done his rounds when 6 December fell on a choir practice day one year. If I can find it I'll post it.