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earnshaw Sun 13-Dec-20 18:41:46

reading how some are not happy about William , Kate and children going to panto, why on earth shouldnt they, sour grapes springs to mind

MawBe Sun 13-Dec-20 18:45:33

I understand NHS staff and other key workers made up the audience.
Do the naysayers object to them too I wonder?

GrannySomerset Mon 14-Dec-20 11:01:13

Miserable bunch of automatic critics. Panto is part of our children’s cultural heritage and an introduction to the theatre. Our AC’s Boxing Day visit with three generations sharing the fun was the start of a life time of theatre going. In fact I have bought DS theatre tokens for Christmas as a sign that life will restart eventually.

Namsnanny Mon 14-Dec-20 11:18:03

Now of all times, they cant do right for doing wrong.
There will always be critics I suppose.

BlueBelle Mon 14-Dec-20 11:22:08

Makes a change from poor old Meghan and Harry getting constant flak 😂😂😂
No problem at all unless they want to set examples to all the thousands of kids that have had to miss shows I suppose

Namsnanny Mon 14-Dec-20 11:40:36

I wondered if that would be said BlueBelle

geekesse Mon 14-Dec-20 11:54:09

What business is it of ours if parents - any parents - choose to take their kids to a panto?

SueDonim Mon 14-Dec-20 12:13:10

My son took his family to a panto last week. It was all very Covid-safe, distanced seating etc. The children absolutely loved it and it will be a special memory of a year in which they weren’t able to see family over Xmas.

Namsnanny Mon 14-Dec-20 12:32:29

The arts have been so badly hit this year that I'm sure they will be grateful for any attention which reminds the public to attend in the future.