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The loveliest Christmas song this year

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Esspee Thu 24-Dec-20 08:43:58

This wonderful song, perfect for the time we are living through, has comforted me in the run up to Christmas when all the seasonal music seems to be highly inappropriate.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Have a peaceful, happy and healthy holiday season.

Esspee Thu 24-Dec-20 08:47:25

My first ever attempt at a link and it has failed.
So sorry.
The song is
Hope Christmas Gets You To Me. by Lapwing on you tube.

I think I need to go back to bed.

Marydoll Thu 24-Dec-20 08:56:14

Try this!

Esspee Thu 24-Dec-20 09:07:01

My goodness Marydoll you are a mind reader.
Thank you so much.
Did you love it as much as I do?

Marydoll Thu 24-Dec-20 09:16:51

Espee, I'm sitting here, with tears running down my face. I haven't been in Glasgow since March. I was feeling very emotional, but this has tipped me over the edge!
I was miss usual wee trip into Glasgow to see the lights. Thank you for sharing it!

Kim19 Thu 24-Dec-20 09:25:22

Yep, it's a heart wrencher. Thanks to both of you.

Esspee Thu 24-Dec-20 11:38:44

I have played it so many times I can now listen to it without crying but I’m guessing when I dust it off next year it will tug the same heartstrings.

Tangerine Thu 24-Dec-20 11:43:44

Thank you. I really enjoyed listening to it. Very moving.

Parsley3 Thu 24-Dec-20 11:54:02

Lovely and thank you Esspee.

Marydoll Thu 24-Dec-20 12:25:27

I'm bumping this, worth listening to.🌲🎅🎁🎄

Callistemon Thu 24-Dec-20 15:07:42

Lovely, thank you for linking this Esspee (and Marydoll)

I hope everyone has the best possible Christmas and with hope for better times to come in 2021

paddyanne Thu 24-Dec-20 15:32:24

Another weegie here in tears,its always been my home even though I've not lived there for 55 years.Lovely wee song ,hope it does well for them,it kinda says it all for many of us .

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 24-Dec-20 15:38:10

Pity, it won't play on my MacBook!

Grannynannywanny Thu 24-Dec-20 15:56:13

Esspee thank you for sharing that lovely song. It’s the first time I’ve heard it. I was mopping the floors with the tears already tripping me and sat down to give myself a shake and have a read on GN.

Now I’m sitting with the box of tissues again.

AGAA4 Thu 24-Dec-20 16:11:09

Very emotive song. Lovely. Where are the tissues when you need them.

suzette1613 Fri 25-Dec-20 05:54:28

Just lovely.
Hope one day to get back to Scotland again.
Merry Christmas to all those alone or away from their families and friends, May 2021 be much better for us all.

Parsley3 Fri 25-Dec-20 08:40:57

Just listened to this lovely song again and was hit with nostalgia. I realised that I haven't visited Glasgow once this year. I want to walk around George Square again and look at the lights.

paddyanne Fri 25-Dec-20 15:01:18

Along Sauchiehall St ,down Buchanan St towards Lewis's (not John Lewis) who had amazing Christmas window displays for our annual visit to Santa.Queues right out the department and down the stairs.
Then along Argyle St to the Hielanmans Umbrella for lunch in the Grant Arms , ,gammon steak and pineapple or steak pie.Home on the bus.
We were very lucky as we had maiden Aunts who worked in Lewis's so we went to their big Christmas party and an Aunt who worked in St Enochs Hotel took us to their lavish party with Santa coming down a chimney or arriving in a huge parcel
.So many happy memories of Glasgow ,I have missed being able to go into the City since March .Hoping for a better 2021 . Maybe next year I'll be able to take all my GD's

Blinko Fri 25-Dec-20 15:58:40

It's lovely. I heard it whilst driving, on R2. It seems it was composed by two Glasgow teachers back in November. Should be a Christmas No.1 imo.

Merry Christmas, everyone.