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Captions wanted!!

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Namsnanny Thu 24-Dec-20 13:31:01

My contribution:

You wait all year for Santa then two come at once!!
Now your turn.....

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 24-Dec-20 13:33:27

Come out for a bike ride he said

It’ll be fun he said

But no choice, as all the reindeer are islolating..........

Luckygirl Thu 24-Dec-20 13:33:36

Rear Santa......"Exactly how many Brussels spouts did you say you had!?" grin

Luckygirl Thu 24-Dec-20 13:33:53

sprouts !

Namsnanny Thu 24-Dec-20 13:40:17

Very sardonic Oopsadaisy1tchgrin
Merry Christmad wine

Juliet27 Thu 24-Dec-20 13:40:24

Spout might be the correct word Luckygirl

Namsnanny Thu 24-Dec-20 13:44:06

Luckygirltchgrintchgrintchgrin it isnt Christmas without a sprout joke!
Merry Christmas wine

Namsnanny Thu 24-Dec-20 13:47:38

Perhaps I've accidentally invented a new word, just for this year anyway Oopsadaisytchwink

Auntieflo Thu 24-Dec-20 14:00:26

"Are we nearly there yet?"

Namsnanny Thu 24-Dec-20 14:03:35

Good one Auntieflo tchgrin I remember my brother always saying that before we even left our street when we were kids!
Merry Christmas wine

Bridgeit Thu 24-Dec-20 14:21:34

Perhaps an extra trump or two will help 💨💨

Parsley3 Thu 24-Dec-20 14:35:50

Did you need to eat beans for lunch, big man?

Pantglas2 Thu 24-Dec-20 14:37:31

“Will you stop calling me DAISY......🤬!”

Spangler Thu 24-Dec-20 14:53:44

First Santa: "This hill is tough going."
Second Santa: "You're right, but don't worry, I've got the brakes on to stop us rolling back."

Sparkling Fri 25-Dec-20 06:55:28

This is the last time those reindeers go out partying!

Greyduster Fri 25-Dec-20 07:15:06

“Cor Blimey! Perhaps you should be sitting at the back, mate - we could do with a bit of jet propulsion!”

FindingNemo15 Fri 25-Dec-20 08:00:43

Does my bum look big in this!!

EllanVannin Fri 25-Dec-20 11:51:52

Go easy on the brakes, I'm known to have a red nose, not a brown one !

Sorry everyone. grin

Namsnanny Fri 25-Dec-20 12:06:01

Brilliant contributions! Much funnier than mine tchgrin
Dont apologise EllanVannin a belly laugh is what we need tchgrintchgrin

Cheers and Merry Christmas every onewinebrewcafe

Namsnanny Sun 27-Dec-20 01:33:20

As we are now into the boxing day sales (nowadays they are all year round thoughconfused)
Perhaps Buy one get one free?

Rufus2 Sun 27-Dec-20 01:47:54

Are you sure this is the right way Harrogate? tchconfused

Ohmother Sun 27-Dec-20 06:36:26

I’ve heard of up cycling and recycling presents to save the planet but this is rediculous!