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so glad it's over

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grannygranby Sun 27-Dec-20 11:25:42

what a relief. all went OK. time to myself at last.

Unigran4 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:39:47

Bless you grannygranby I know how you feel.

I always go to one of my DDs for Christmas, and my housemate goes to her sister's.

This year my DDs suggested it was safer if I stayed home but housemate was still going to her sister.

Yippee I thought, home alone, eat what I like, when I like, watch what I like, read - bliss! Oh no, no, no! Housemate decided to stay home too. Music on, no telly, constant chat, Scrabble, charades...... I'm exhausted!

Don't get me wrong, she is a lovely friend and has lived in my house since 1989, so I hadn't the heart to rein her in.