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Santa’s grotto

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Rozlee Thu 30-Sep-21 22:26:19

My Daughter going to take her daughter age 4 and her new baby who will be around 6 weeks by then to visit Santa The company want to charge her £7.95 for the new born baby who will probably be asleep in a sling !!!! When asked if this was correct they said yes it was company policy and put phone down I’m not mean but I think this is just greedy. Interested to hear your thoughts

Galaxy Thu 30-Sep-21 22:30:21

I will be brutally honest and say if she can get a sitter I wouldnt take the baby. Its utterly pointless and may disrupt the experience for the older child. I appreciate this might not be possible and I say this as someone who took their 10 week old baby to a science museum for the experience hmm

Shinamae Thu 30-Sep-21 22:38:19

I would definitely boycott that event and look for somewhere else

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 30-Sep-21 22:52:59

Find another Grotto with a more sensible attitude. Or, as mentioned, find a babysitter or a friend or relative to keep an eye on the baby outside the grotto.

MayBeMaw Thu 30-Sep-21 23:04:39

Two words Rip Off
Get someone to hold the baby - you?

ElaineI Thu 30-Sep-21 23:48:03

The baby doesn't need to be paid for. He/she can't speak and will be there as can't be detached from Mummy unless another adult carries him/her. A small gift for the baby can be carried in to be opened after by the sister. The sister is paid for. Simple.

Calendargirl Fri 01-Oct-21 07:09:01

Baby doesn’t need to go. Won’t know anything about it.


lemongrove Fri 01-Oct-21 08:21:28

What Calendargirl says.
Safer for the baby ( at six weeks!) to be at home anyway, with Covid and coughs and colds around.

Witzend Fri 01-Oct-21 08:31:04

Sounds mad to me.
Can someone else not go along and wait outside with the baby for 10 minutes?
That is, if she can’t find somewhere without such a rip-off policy.,

BlueBelle Fri 01-Oct-21 08:49:46

Don’t take the baby why would you take a six week old baby surely someone can hold it for ten minutes, (or less) but yes it’s a rip off and I wouldn’t use them if there was an alternative

GrannyGravy13 Fri 01-Oct-21 08:52:09

Whilst I agree that £7.95 for the baby is ridiculous, I can see why your DD wants to take baby. It will be baby’s first Christmas and I guess she wants to mark the occasion with a photo of both the children with Santa.

Sarnia Fri 01-Oct-21 08:54:58

The prices to see Santa anywhere near me is extortionate. Making up for money lost last Christmas, I suppose. Having said that most places are already sold out.

Chestnut Fri 01-Oct-21 09:18:01

As someone who believes Father Christmas is a magical creature of the elf variety I believe he should stay that way. Seeing men dressed in fake beards is not my idea of magical! He is a fantasy after all, not a real person.

Rozlee Fri 01-Oct-21 10:39:13

She is not going to take baby in I’m going to have her. There is no way she would pay that kind if money. It just screams greed from the company

LauraNorder Fri 01-Oct-21 10:53:54

Just looking at it from the point of view of the company it could be that the parents of little babies still expect a gift and a photo with Father Christmas. Therefore same expenses as for older children.
I’m sure this is not your daughters plan but maybe others do this. I could be wrong but it’s a view.

Teacheranne Fri 01-Oct-21 10:58:33

Gosh, sounds like a very greedy company! I had a totally different experience when my children were young and we took them on the Santa Express on the Severn Valley Railway. My children were aged 6 weeks, 13 months and four so I bought two child tickets which included a gift from Santa. My baby was in his pushchair when we went through the grotto and the elves insisted that he got a gift even though I told them I’d not bought a ticket. It was so kind of them and the soft toy dog he received became his favourite toy which he took to bed every night until he was a teenager - I still have it!

rafichagran Tue 05-Oct-21 10:12:00

I am in two minds. If they provide a present for the baby and the baby is in the photograph I would say fair enough.
I would also say I would not use them,you said they put the phone down on your daughter, they sound rude and unprofessional.
I agree with other posters, do not take the baby, it will mean nothing, make it a experience for the 4 year old.

glammanana Tue 05-Oct-21 10:24:05

I agree with just taking the 4 year old and am glad you are having the little one who would not know if its Christmas or Shrove Tuesday.
The eldest will enjoy the day with her mummy I'm sure.

sodapop Tue 05-Oct-21 13:21:16

Does Santa know about this rip off I'm sure he would be horrified smile
Obviously his helpers need to learn about the spirit of Christmas

Neen Thu 14-Oct-21 21:50:42

Galaxy. Great advise .

Shelflife Thu 14-Oct-21 22:04:22


GrandmaKT Thu 14-Oct-21 23:01:24

I wouldn't have mentioned the baby at all when booking. If she's going to be on a sling on her mum. I bet the staff wouldn't challenge her on the day!