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sandye Fri 01-Oct-21 19:28:08

My mum is 87 and lives alone. She dosn't drink, smoke and dosn't do candles. She has enough money to get whatever she wants. However with christmas coming I 'm thinking gifts.I bought my widowed friend a personalised moon lamp, with her late husband etched into it and she absolutly loved it but dont know if my mum is too old to bother with it. what does everyone think? if anyone is interested they are on amazon.

J52 Fri 01-Oct-21 19:58:49

Does she have a favourite magazine, you could get a subscription for. Or a flower subscription that delivers regularly.
A cashmere jumper, perhaps. Even if we can buy ourselves whatever we want, it’s still nice to get a bit of luxury.

Visgir1 Fri 01-Oct-21 20:50:57

Perhaps you can get some old loved photos put into a book, check out on line. Or if she has a cherished photo that's old you can have them digital retouched and put it in a new frame.
Did this for both my Mum and MIL.

lemongrove Fri 01-Oct-21 20:57:17

A warm furry throw? There are some lovely ones online. Buy one that goes with her decor.
A really nice cardigan? Slippers ( good ones)
A moon lamp with an etching of her DH....not so sure about that but only you would know if it’s a good idea.

Forsythia Fri 01-Oct-21 21:03:37

The best thing I bought my mum was a fleece type shoulder warmer with pockets. She never took it off and told me it was the best thing she’d ever had. I bought it at a National Trust shop many years ago.

grandMattie Fri 01-Oct-21 21:07:58

Can’t suggest anything. Whatever I got for my mother, she’d dismiss and give it away at the earliest opportunity!

Scones Fri 01-Oct-21 21:09:24

How about tickets for an event or outing that she might enjoy early in the new year, something that you could go to together. She can look forward to during the gloomy days after Christmas.

Perhaps a nice afternoon tea at a good local tea room?

Humbertbear Fri 01-Oct-21 21:41:22

Take her out for afternoon tea in the New Year? My mum is 101 and likes the latest books, box sets of DVDs and flowers or clothes.

Nonogran Fri 01-Oct-21 21:44:35

My mum is 96. She has absolutely no need of anything & we are all agreed that shall be no Christmas presents for any of us.
There are no children in our small family which makes it easier. We had “the conversation” & are all happy with it. Makes life so much easier.

Forsythia Fri 01-Oct-21 21:50:28

My MIL likes to go to a garden centre for an afternoon tea. After that she chooses a nice plant. When the Edinburgh Woollen Mill was in there she’d also choose something from there. She enjoyed it as it was a day out. Never failed to give her pleasure.

Katyj Fri 01-Oct-21 22:28:38

The photo book is a lovely gift someone had one done for my mums 90th and she loves it. A fresh flower subscription every month if she likes flowers. Also a heated blanket, mum loves hers, uses it on the sofa on cold evenings or on top of her bed sometimes if it’s really cold.

Teacheranne Fri 01-Oct-21 23:25:40

Before my mum developed dementia and it became unsafe for her to live alone, she used to love going out for lunch or afternoon tea then looking around John Lewis to buy a little treat. Now I get her some of her favourite sweets, socks, slippers or a mini bottle of wine to enjoy at her care home. I go for lots of small presents rather than high value ones as she enjoys opening presents.

JayneG Tue 23-Nov-21 08:17:53

Does she like doing puzzles? If so Gift Bee have a great personalised puzzle book

Liz46 Tue 23-Nov-21 08:31:27

Ask her if she would like to go out for a special meal. I don't want 'things' but enjoy my family's company.

One of my daughters bought me a bird of prey experience and I loved it. My grandchildren came too and I have a photo of my little grandson gently holding a baby barn owl.

I hate getting flowers sent because I know my daughters have spent a fortune but they usually arrive half dead.

Sago Tue 23-Nov-21 09:37:22

Why not put together a hamper of lovely teas, coffees, biscuits, soups etc.

aggie Tue 23-Nov-21 09:53:38

In my mid 80s I prefer a trip out with coffee and cakes . A cafe in a garden centre sounds good , as long as it is a nice place

Thistlelass Wed 24-Nov-21 00:18:45

My mum was a little hard to please with gifts. She was showered with many items and her wardrobe was full thank you very much! Anyway the Christmas before she died the following June, I gave her a footstool. The top was embroidered and it came up as a lid into a storage drawer. Well she truly adored it as she could keep things close by. Miss her.

denbylover Wed 24-Nov-21 06:00:23

Nightdress and bed socks.

Taylor2016 Wed 24-Nov-21 06:35:04

I think some pampering! What about a foot massage /manicure followed by afternoon tea.

Peasblossom Wed 24-Nov-21 10:15:37

I’d vote for an outing too.🙂

Hetty58 Wed 24-Nov-21 10:23:45

grandMattie, my mother was just the same. I gave up with presents in the end.

My grandson gave me a luxury hamper of little food treats. He'd bought the basket, wrappings and items (especially chosen for me) - then made it himself, bless him. I loved it!

Hetty58 Wed 24-Nov-21 10:26:36

Something I'd appreciate (in case anyone I know is reading, hint hint) that reminds me of Christmas as a girl is - a packet of those marzipan fruits we always had!

Hetty58 Wed 24-Nov-21 10:31:00

(these would do)

Daisymae Wed 24-Nov-21 10:34:48

I've bought a plug in hotwater bottle type thing from Boots. Much safer than actual water, if she suffers from the cold.