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Hotter Relax slippers

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Shandy57 Mon 07-Jun-21 11:58:38

My son has flat feet and I've been searching for slippers with some support, rather than completely flat, these seem to be well reviewed.

If you go onto the Hotter website they currently have 20% off, plus if you subscribe, you receive a discount code for an additional 10% for first orders by email. If you search the web there are other discount codes available which work, reducing the price considerably. I've just paid £32.95 including delivery smile

annodomini Mon 07-Jun-21 12:51:11

Christmas? Why?

muse Mon 07-Jun-21 13:07:57

Too late for you but there’s always a few Hotter items on eBay (new)for sale.

I saved £20 on a pair of shoes last year. New in Hotter box

Witzend Mon 07-Jun-21 13:13:59

annodomini, because there’s an offer now, her son’s feet presumably aren’t going to get any bigger, and slippers are not going to go off?

If you’d really like to enjoy getting steamed up about mentions of the C-word in June, then for the usual raffle at my Gdcs’ primary school C-word fair in late November, I am currently making a Nativity set (my 4th), 2 large C-word stockings with snowmen on, and a wreath with robins.
All on the go at once. 😂

Esspee Mon 07-Jun-21 13:54:15

Is this an advert?

NotSpaghetti Mon 07-Jun-21 15:26:01

How old is your son?
I don’t think either of mine would wear these as they have a bit of “old man look” about them.
I think it’s the strange detail on the side that’s a bit odd.

Shandy57 Mon 07-Jun-21 16:18:30

Thank you Witzend smile

Namsnanny Mon 07-Jun-21 16:42:42

Love it Witzend! Its never too early for...(I'm going to say it because it's the name of the thread) Christmas 🤣

Callistemon Mon 07-Jun-21 17:31:42


Is this an advert?

I think it's ok Esspee
Shandy57 is a regular poster.

I expect other slipper brands are available but may not have arch supports or be in the sale
If I bought anything now for C*******s I'd forget where I put it or even that I bought it by then.

Callistemon Mon 07-Jun-21 17:36:39

20% off everything or so it says on the website!

Witzend Tue 08-Jun-21 09:43:20

Callistemon, have already forgotten where I put 2 presents I bought about a month ago - not intending to buy any such things, but the article in question was so nice, I made the order 3 instead of one.
Must do some brain-racking, or else some long overdue sorting out of cupboards….

Redhead56 Tue 08-Jun-21 11:34:17

I just found a pair of sandals I bought last year and was about to order again!

Shandy57 Fri 11-Jun-21 13:42:19

My order has just arrived, fantastic value for the money, I'm really pleased with the quality of the suede and the support inside the slipper. I was going to get him the fabric Tu slippers which also have arch support, for £12, but think these will last a lot longer. One present purchased and in the Christmas hiding place! smile

Blinko Fri 11-Jun-21 14:01:07


I just found a pair of sandals I bought last year and was about to order again!

Glad it's not just me that does this. I bought a pair of navy shoes from Cotton Traders then bought an almost identical pair from Gabor...doh!