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Keeping the magic of Christmas alive?

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EmilyGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 08-Dec-14 11:22:20

What lengths have you/ do you go to to keep the magic of Christmas alive for little ones?

Tell us about your Christmas traditions and efforts to keep the character of Father Christmas 'real' for your grandchildren and you could win one of three copies of "The Age of Not Believing," a charming e-book which champions the importance of keeping the magic of Christmas alive no matter how old you are.

Competition closes on 22 december.

rubysong Mon 08-Dec-14 11:39:54

Reindeer food on the doorstep. (Dry porridge oats with glitter, which is the magic which helps them to fly.)

absent Mon 08-Dec-14 18:46:34

A letter from Santa in disguised handwriting to say thank you for the mince pies and sherry. A stocking full of handmade doll's clothes hanging on the end of the doll's pram. Eating the bloody carrots for the six reindeer at three o'clock in the morning after decorating the tree and sitting room on Christmas Eve once absentdaughter was asleep.

durhamjen Mon 08-Dec-14 19:38:48

My 12 year old grandson still thinks Santa is real. I quite often have to hiss at people who talk about Santa as if he isn't, then explain afterwards that they will be in trouble if they spoil it for him. He still sends letters to Santa. I think his seven year old sister might be humouring him this year, as she keeps giving him strange looks, although she did insist that they wrote letters together.

hildajenniJ Mon 08-Dec-14 19:38:54

Sooty footprints in the hearth, the end of the carrot with large tooth marks in it (I kept the rest of the carrots to use for the dinner). The empty sherry glass and mince pie crumbs on the plate with a note saying Thank You in Santa's handwriting.
My DD puts out "reindeer food" on the lawn, and does all of the above. Christmas is magic!

aggie Mon 08-Dec-14 19:42:44

My contribution is to agree with whatever the Parents come up with and to have a crib in a conspicuous place . I even got a nativity Advent Calendar that they take turns opening the drawers and adding figures to the Crib making sure the Infant is in the last one !

ninathenana Mon 08-Dec-14 23:58:30

Glitter sprinkled around footprints made from cardboard cut out. A bite taken out of the mince pie. A large wooden key sprayed silver (made by DH) which is magic and let's him into the house as there is no chimney at DD's house.

ninathenana Tue 09-Dec-14 00:02:50

him being Santa of course.
DH made a nativity scene when DC were young. Jesus was never added until Christmas day. I'm hoping DD will display it this year as DGSx2 are older now.

absent Tue 09-Dec-14 01:39:18

I also used to pull out the chest of drawers in absentdaughter's bedroom and loosen the board that blocked the opening to the chimney to make it easier for Santa to climb through on Christmas Eve.

absent Tue 09-Dec-14 01:39:56

I forgot to say that traces of soot on the bedroom carpet didn't have to be faked.

nonnasusie Tue 09-Dec-14 16:15:23

Tracking Santa on the computer to see where he is and to make sure he's on his way! Plus the reindeer food and mince pie etc.!! tchsmile

Grannybug Tue 09-Dec-14 16:46:59

Glittery footprints left in the fireplace, crumbs where the mince pies have been and eating the carrot left for Rudolph. Standing outside hidden in the barn freezing while jingling bells threaded onto old green ribbon as the children settle down (or not) for sleeping. Doing it now for grandchildren and great grandchildren just as I did when their dads were little boys. Reassuring the little ones that the fire will be out before Santa arrives and telling them the story of his magical powers to quench the fire if needed. I love the magic of christmas and the simple pleasures that make it special for the family. I don't think I've ever quite stopped believing in Santa myself.

Grannybug Tue 09-Dec-14 16:48:31

Oh forgot to add the joy on Christmas morning when they tell me how they heard Santas bells jingling as his sleigh flew over!

PRINTMISS Tue 09-Dec-14 17:00:34

That's what Christmas is about, isn't it? The sheer magic of the reindeer and Father Christmas driving through the star-lit skies to make sure children receive their gifts - there is also, of course the story of the Nativity, whether you believe it or not, it has survived 2000 years of telling and again it still entrances the children. It is indeed a wonderful time of year, and I do so enjoy the carol signing.

EmilyGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 22-Dec-14 09:56:25

Hi everyone, thanks for all your posts so far. This competition will close at 12pm today so last chance for anyone else wanting to enter (and share their stories about Christmas magic!).

Best wishes,


Anya Mon 22-Dec-14 10:18:15

Christmas fairies visit our house as emissaries of Santa to check up on behaviour. You have to be quick to see them - just a fleeting shadow or a little bell ringing perhaps.

And they DO exist as the 4-year old pointed one out sitting on the (mock) chandelier yesterday. Sadly it flew away before I could turn round.

appygran Mon 22-Dec-14 10:40:29

Christmas fairies visit granddaughters house too, they leave a note in the pocket of her advent calender, commenting on what gd has done that day and encouraging her to be a good girl as she will be reporting back to santa. The fairy also leaves a small chocolate or sweet treat in the advent calender.

A few nights ago daughter in her hurry to leave the note and a chocolate left one of the chocolates on gd,s bed. When gd found it daughter thought there would be difficult questions, but no, gd gasped and was delighted, she said the fairy had visited her bed in the night to check up on her. Another Christmas tradition has now started - that of accidently leaving a little treat on the bed.

EmilyGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 22-Dec-14 16:10:45

Thanks for your entries everyone. The author will pick the winners and we'll announce them on the thread soon.

Best wishes,


EmilyGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 23-Dec-14 09:38:28

Congratulations absent, Anya and HildajenniJ your answers were picked as the winning entires. You will soon receive an email from the author explaining how you can download your free e-book.

Best wishes and Happy Christmas to you all,


Anya Tue 23-Dec-14 14:36:50

Thank you GN. I have received an email, sending the ebook in two formats, one for iPad and other for Kindle. Sadly neither can be found in my iBooks or on my Kindke. Will keep looking as I don't normally have a problem with downloads.

Anya Tue 23-Dec-14 14:43:22

Tried the old trick of turning device off then on again, and happily it is now appearing in my iBooks! Many thanks tchsmile

Ana Tue 23-Dec-14 15:10:37

Congratulations to the three winners tchsmile

This must be the shortest GN competition thread ever! What happened to all the unfamiliar names who usually enter...tchconfused (Not that I'm complaining)