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Marmight Wed 11-Mar-15 06:54:07

What has happened with the entry forms on the Competitions page? You now have to answer the question twice and fill in your User name twice. Is this a trick question, or just to keep us on our toes? confused

LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Mar-15 09:54:00

Hi Marmight, ooh that's strange - it looks as though the username field has been duplicated somehow, but we can't find a form where you have to answer the question twice. Could you point me towards it so I can check it out? Thanks!

Marelli Wed 11-Mar-15 10:12:06

I noticed that, too, Lucy. The competition was for the little vacuum cleaner.

Marmight Wed 11-Mar-15 10:20:04

It was on both the Hotel and the vacuum comps Lucy. I kept being told off for not completing it correctly! blush I thought it was because I am upside down in Sydney wink

annodomini Wed 11-Mar-15 10:58:07

I too was puzzled about the duplication of the username question.

Galen Wed 11-Mar-15 11:30:03

Et moi!

loopylou Wed 11-Mar-15 11:32:51

Moi aussi!

jenniferaust Wed 24-Jun-15 09:49:57

My favourite thing about summer is the long light evenings and to get out in the garden.

I would love to win the bundle of books.