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Got a winning email, but can't contact Gransnet to accept

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AliBeeee Mon 16-Apr-18 19:40:35

I received an email today telling me that I was a runner up in the Greatest Hits competition and would receive a copy of the book. Great I thought, I like the sound of it.
I have to send my name and address to a Gransnet email address, but every time I try it bounces back with a message "the accountant <my email address> is disabled".
I've tried from my iPad and my laptop, so it's not dependent on the operating system. Can anyone at Gransnet help please?

Baggs Mon 16-Apr-18 19:42:29

[email protected]

Elegran Mon 16-Apr-18 20:48:08

Do you really mean that it says "the account <my email address> is disabled" ? because if you are sending your message to a gransnet address, it shouldn't be telling you that your email address is disabled. And if your email address is disabled, how did you get the message to say that you have won something? It is confusing.

AliBeeee Mon 16-Apr-18 21:26:31

I am sending it to the Gransnet email address. I get a bounce back failure email from the email server with the above message. Where I have put <my email address> above, it has my actual email address.
I think it is telling me that the Gransnet email server is refusing to accept my email address, but I don't know why, it is a standard address.

Elegran Mon 16-Apr-18 21:44:05

Try reporting one of your own posts on this thread - for instance the opening post. It should come up with a page to tell GN why you are reporting it. There you can tell them what has been happening direct, without going through your Hotmail email. They may know how to fix it.

Hotmail delete accounts if you have not used them for a year, but if you received the notification that you had won a prize on your Hotmail account, it must be working OK at your end. Strange.

AliBeeee Mon 16-Apr-18 22:32:33

Thanks for your suggestion Elegran, I have reported it.

AliBeeee Tue 17-Apr-18 09:27:51

Thanks to the person who sent me a message by email. I have tried to email you again with the same result. For some reason your email server seems to be refusing my email address.
Is there a secure way I can message you through Gransnet?

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 17-Apr-18 09:40:45

Sorry to hear you're having problems contacting us AliBeeee. We have sent you another message which will hopefully resolve this issue for you.

Elegran Tue 17-Apr-18 09:42:39

You don't want to exchange emails with anyone else while your account is dubious, they could end up in the same boat.

It sounds to me as though there is something wrong with your email account - you can receive messages, but when you send them the account is banned by those they are addressed to. Maybe it is being used without your knowledge by a hacker to send bulk spam messages or some other antisocial use.

If I were you I would do a security check on your whole system - you do have anti-virus protection, I assume? - and dump your Hotmail acount and get a new one with gmail or some other provider.

AliBeeee Tue 17-Apr-18 10:05:53

I'm happy my email is fine, it is in constant use and virus checked frequently. from the message the issue is at the Gransnet end. I got the error when I used iPad, laptop and mobile, 3 different operating systems.
Someone has been in touch via PM now so I have been able to provide my details to them.
Thanks again for your suggestion, it worked.