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Win a toaster and kettle set from Swan

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Tomo9 Mon 07-Oct-19 18:13:39

Playing with my Grandchildren

Fairysue Tue 03-Dec-19 14:54:52

Seeing my grandkids smile

kittylester Tue 03-Dec-19 15:14:45

And again confused

BBbevan Tue 03-Dec-19 15:38:40

Two bewilders??

Squiffy Tue 03-Dec-19 16:01:33

Make that 3! Parallel universe??!

Greenfinch Tue 03-Dec-19 16:22:16

Oh dear! Curiouser and curiouser !!

Bernice2 Thu 01-Jul-21 10:31:07

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FannyCornforth Thu 01-Jul-21 10:57:27

A deleted message!!
Whoda thought it!

Ro60 Thu 01-Jul-21 12:46:58

What an odd thread! from 2019?

grandMattie Thu 01-Jul-21 12:48:35

Hugging my grandchildren and smelling them.

FannyCornforth Thu 01-Jul-21 14:11:41


Hugging my grandchildren and smelling them.

What's going on?
GrandMattie what question are you replying to?
Are we seeing different things?? shock