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Being at home bored

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jemimavintage Wed 18-Mar-20 15:51:28

I just wanted to share a strange little positive, in these times of dreadful negative news. I run a little vintage online business from home and I'm seeing a slight increase in orders....which I'm a bit mystified by because I would have thought people would concentrate on essentials. There again, they do say that during recessions, one of the first consumer items to see an uptick in sales is red lipstick, lol... presumably because people need a little something to cheer themselves up..

I'm assuming I'm having a little uptick because people are at home and are a bit bored.. but I'm hoping that it also shows that people are planning for when this awful virus does one (never to return again!!), and then people can go back to their vintage parties and fancy dress parties, and have some well earned fun!!

Hurry up summer!! ..and go away virus!! /\

J smile

AGAA4 Wed 18-Mar-20 16:10:49

Glad your business is doing well in these uncertain times. I think we do need a little luxury when things are as bad as this

Teetime Wed 18-Mar-20 17:23:01

I've juts sent my daughter a little gift from an on line company to cheer her up - she is in HR and having a very busy and difficult time also worrying about her son being able to take his GSCEs or not.