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Re-evaluating Dr John Campbell

68 MayBee70

The Lockdown Gang still chatting

255 Grammaretto

4th Covid Vaccine Refusal?

187 Farzanah

Spring booster


Covid escaped from lab - US report finds

62 nanna8

Wow. The exhaustion

13 Knittingnovice

The Lockdown GangSTARS still going

1000 Doodle

Covid vaccine harm?

63 Grantanow

New testing of travellers from China……farcical.

5 Grantanow

Covid Missed Periods

15 PoppyFlower

I’m not going to cry, don’t have the energy

66 rubysong

Covid treatments

27 growstuff

Memory loss and Covid

5 FannyCornforth

Getting the second booster?

41 M0nica

Excess deaths Pandemic legacy

46 M0nica

Depression after Covid infection

5 Lathyrus

How long are you contagious after covid

36 NotTooOld

Long Covid - a growing problem

40 FannyCornforth

Pfizer price hike

4 Daisymae

Our generation's turn now

44 Georgesgran

Covid affecting menopause

12 polin

Covid & Shingles is there a link?

137 MayBee70

Confusion could be sign of Covid in Over 65s

6 Joseanne

Autumn covid booster over 65

46 Jaxjacky

Booking jab - not fit for purpose

13 PaperMonster

2nd Booster...

221 growstuff

Cannot visit grandkids if we fly

60 dogsmother

Staying at home

12 kircubbin2000

Getting back to normal ?

6 BlueBelle

Massively restrictive Covid rules still in place in care homes?

1 matbarbour

Living with Covid means.....

3 Oopsadaisy1

Do normal people not bother testing now?

128 maddyone

The Lockdown Gang - still chatting ?

1000 Jan16

200000 Covid Deaths - ONS Data

76 MayBee70

How long did your covid last?

64 Maggierose

Agricultural Shows

10 yogitree

Countdown from when?

15 NotSpaghetti

Covid on bedding

15 Sandybeth

Reactions to Covid vaccinations and asymptomatic Covid

1 CatsCatsCats

Am I being too cautious about covid?

177 Kate1949

Confused - how long am I infectious for?

17 Ann2

Chelsea Flower show and Covid

62 Treetops05

Does this sound normal? Anyone else?

5 Thoro


8 Humduh

Is this Covid?

14 PaperMonster

COVID seems to have left me vulnerable to other infections…

8 Mamma66

Discharging hospital patients to care homes at the start of the pandemic

60 geekesse

Nearly 2300 deaths over the last 7 days

38 MissAdventure

An end to ‘highest risk’ category in Scotland.

2 SueDonim

Covid toothache

5 LtEve