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Why dont people understand the words ‘stay at home’ !

66 Callistemon

Humidifier to ease Coronavirus cough?

19 Missfoodlove

WUHAN market.

103 Whitewavemark2

CV - Holiday insurance and bookings

12 Daisymae

How would you have prepared?

51 Hetty58

Battelle Gets FDA Go Ahead To Sterilize Masks

2 Ginny42

Just a thought

10 BradfordLass73

Advice vulnerable and isolation.

6 growstuff

Selfish I know

79 Nonogran

Daughter due to have new baby soon

43 Patsy429

Not wanting to go to work

7 kittylester

Some helpful advice from The Sound of Music!

1 merlotgran

A Quarantine Diversion if you have time on your hands

9 Cunco

Breaking my self isolation

8 tanith

Coronavirus - are older people being treated as expendable?

398 maddyone

Being with loved ones at a time of need.

3 Oopsadaisy3

Daughter needs help with young children

77 Madbird37

Hospital or not?

28 GrannySomerset

Registering as a vulnerable shopper at Sainsbury's?

19 MrsMozza

Are you watching the Prime Minister speaking live on news channels?

285 Whitewavemark2

dog walking once a day

53 Smileless2012

Tesco introduces online limit of 80 items

22 M0nica

Johnson's letter...

6 Summerlove

Chris Whitty has symptoms

68 Chestnut

The real reason clinical staff are so poorly protected

24 Callistemon


89 etheltbags1

Good News!

10 NotSpaghetti


136 Grannyjay

Missing out on precious, short baby time

26 Carole2

Could their fear of financial loss result in more deaths

31 Pikachu

An interesting article from an Italian author

22 Trisha57

You won’t get Corona virus from a Newspaper

3 eazybee

Do you think the divorce rate will go up due to the coronavirus and being forced to spend so much time together?

20 Pikachu

fuel reserves and the virus, have we got enough for emergency vehicles

4 Whitewavemark2

Boris Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus

118 Greymar

There are some real nutters out there at the moment.

13 TerriBull

Key workers and childcare - what to do?

26 V3ra

New Zealand on Lockdown

19 eebeew

I'm a little speechless!

56 callgirl1

How is COVID-19 affecting British opinions, jobs and wellbeing?

13 janipat

Mr P's Shopping experience today.

30 Chewbacca

Something to help .

16 GrannyLaine

Thinking of having a moan?

6 M0nica

husbands working from home

153 LaRia44


15 Teetime

What do we do if we actually show symptoms

7 SueDonim

Matt Hancock has tested positive for Covid-19

4 Callistemon

Big Shop arriving

4 Greymar

Around the world

7 Missfoodlove

Post a letter

80 Pikachu