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Steam coming out of my ears!

7 Gransooz

The Lockdown Gang - Keep Calm and Carry On

502 Grammaretto

Caring for disabled in tier 2?

1 Myden


60 Myden

A bit of good news - we have turned the corner

67 Franbern

New colleague won’t adhere to workplace policies

79 welbeck

Time to admit this virus affects some more than others.

93 GillT57

Not included in DS/DIL & GS Christmas bubble

263 Daddima

Opening our windows

118 ginny

So lockdown worked!

84 Ellianne

Four positive tests

33 Katyj

Coronavirus warning - urgent

13 timetogo2016

Stop moaning and thank your lucky stars!

123 grannylyn65

Doctor Joseph Varon

4 Galaxy

Unwanted views on the pandemic

96 MayBee70

First covid vaccine testing - lets start a book on the date

22 GagaJo

Greater Manchester

67 mancgirl

Feeling anxious about the Tiers announced today.

7 Teacheranne

Dangers of Volunteering for COVID vaccine trial!

38 Callistemon

Nightingale Hospitals

21 paddyanne

Should schools close?

83 Liz46

Anxious Husband

49 mimismo

Webcast funeral

18 Daddima

My risk, her risk. Aged 92.

23 NotSpaghetti

Glasgow Covid treatment trial

3 BlueBelle

Christmas break?

193 suziewoozie

What lockdown?

99 Anniezee

Surely this can’t be right?

47 pagan169

Fast Covid testing for nursing staff

2 sodapop

The best vaccine news we could hope for

221 Whitewavemark2

Do you use mouthwash?

51 NotSpaghetti

Just wondering

6 DiscoDancer1975

How to vaccinate the world

8 Alegrias2

End of the lockdown.

88 Rufus2

Some people are doing rather well out of the pandemic

6 GillT57

Cabinet Infighting

27 Alegrias2


13 MayBee70

My husband refuses to believe in coronavirus

185 MayBee70

Scaling back GP care

115 debohunXL5

Feeling frustrated with colleagues

53 Tillybelle

This interests me more than the vaccine

10 BlueSky

Money, money, money - all seems a little too cosy

9 Whitewavemark2


15 Pittcity

Mask washing

84 maddyone

NHS app says I must isolate for 8 days!

94 Seajaye

Refusing to wear a mask

246 Roses

Can students return home?

3 NotAGran55

Cemetery closure

38 Nannan2

Who would you let into the house

76 BelindaB

New days, new ways

109 Tinker18