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Exam results

32 Ellianne

The Lockdown Gang - Carry on Regardless.

69 Nortsat

Why it is NOT a good idea to rush off to a Scottish island to "get away from the crowds"

123 SueDonim

Mask-wearing compliance - varying demographics

17 Barmeyoldbat

A light hearted few mins

4 Jane10

What do you do to stay safe?

42 Dibbydod

I was heartened to read this about covid.

57 growstuff

Quarantine reintroduced for those returning from Spain

230 tanith

Why we are still in deep trouble

212 hondagirl

Grandparents Looking After Grandchildren

6 suziewoozie

NW lockdown

13 mbmb

Advice please - an I being a wimp

63 Furret

Anyone need a dentist?

94 maddyone

The Lockdown Gang - on parole!

1000 Doodle


63 merlotgran

I'm ashamed to be part of the human race

98 maddyone

Deep cleaning and killing the covid virus

23 Sussexborn

Advice please - Coronavirus - mixing with GC, babysitting, possible holiday?

20 SuzieHi

RVS Volunteer Scheme - experiences?

6 B9exchange

Grandparents don't have to socially distance now? Confused

101 maddyone

Train travel

35 Arsenalpe

I completely forgot the pandemic

56 Flygirl

Exciting news about a vaccine?

113 Callistemon

Scanning QR codes in cafes

9 geekesse

Helping our daughter and husband with new born

42 Annieblue

Cannot find clear answer ..... help!

5 Katek


7 Katyj

Will you be wearing a mask?

344 MayBee70

Has anyone on here volunteered to be tested?

23 Fennel

Would you go? think I know the answer sadly

40 ExD

Sir Tom.

153 Callistemon

Holiday in Brittany anyone?

65 maddyone

Hairdresser disaster

109 Tweedle24

More exciting news -treatment this time

11 Peardrop50


20 Luckyoldbeethoven

And so it starts to unravel

92 Daftbag1

Face masks compulsory

16 Macgran43

trying to book restaurant

12 Franbern

My swing has gone

3 Namsnanny

Keeping safe (lighthearted)

18 downtoearth

How to stop glasses fogging up whilst wearing a mask.

15 shysal

Public Inquiry into the coronovirus epidemic

6 NannyC2

Grandma daycare when shielding pauses

29 EthelJ

Social distancing in England

121 MayBee70

Am I being over-cautious?

23 GrannySomerset

Regulations & guidance - I'm confused

10 growstuff

Looking after Grandkids dilemna

29 FarNorth

Food pickers and the virus

89 Ellianne

Vaccination misinformation

59 growstuff

California are closing malls, gyms, and other indoor facilities.

3 MissAdventure