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Kebabs for Jabs

66 annodomini

Unvaccinated - Do I stay or do I go?

9 BlueBelle

Red, amber, green

4 winterwhite

J Van Tam 15mins answering questions

4 Alegrias1

The Lockdown Gang - Just chatting ⭐️

905 Panache

Double Jabber tested positive

53 Hetty58

Piers Corbyn

25 M0nica

Infection rates down!

144 Alegrias1

Why are the young reluctant to take the vaccine?

135 Caleo

Dr John Campbell and blood clots

64 Alegrias1

The decision to end restrictions is dangerous and premature, unethical and illogical.

560 Lincslass

Is it just me who is terrified of the way this country and the whole world is turning out

166 growstuff

Dodgy email about Covid Passports?

2 geekesse

Only those unvaccinated shouldb e 'locked down'

4 Flexagon

self isolating

10 BlueBelle

Taken 1st dose of Astra Zeneca despite opting out 5 months ago.

45 overthehill

When will we be allowed into another country to see our grandchildren?

68 grannyactivist

“I know of no episode in history, where a government has willingly aided and abetted the spread of a dangerous infectious disease amongst its own population”

247 Caleo

Double Vaccinated Being Admitted To Hospital

28 Santana

Is it ethical to require a vaccine passport for entry to a club?

131 MayBee70

Vaxxers by Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green

6 NotSpaghetti

19 July briefing

23 MayBee70

Chris Whitty - another lockdown

477 Alegrias1

Not freedom day, but "you've got the vaccine and now go back to being cogs in the economic wheel day"

33 BigBertha1

Lateral flow tests

185 JaneJudge

Zero deaths!

172 JosephAMendenhall

End of self isolation?

81 Casdon

Theatre trip, to go or not?

56 Whitewavemark2

anxiety by one member of the family

129 Kali2

Grandma daycare when shielding pauses

36 Marydoll

Hard lockdown number 5

2 Blossoming

Anyone experienced a hotel post lock down?

80 NotSpaghetti

Have you been 'pinged'?

90 olliebeak

New infections - 100000 per day?

208 M0nica

Vaccine site halts jabs after being targeted by anti-lockdown protesters

7 biglouis

So masks are to become optional, do you think this is a good idea?

462 Mollygo

Covid Vaccanation Anxiety

51 growstuff

Today...I feel well

8 welbeck

Disconnect with the data.

174 MayBee70

Are we pinning our hope too much on the vaccine?

152 maddyone

Does the Astra Zeneca vaccine work?

202 MayBee70

Some experts opinions on easing lockdown and other restrictions

13 Germanshepherdsmum

Will a removal of COVID legal restrictions be taken by some businesses as meaning we are obliged not to take precautions?

14 FarNorth

Andrew Marr - slight summer cold, turned out to be Covid

95 Zaseret

India-made AZ vaccines not being recognised?

7 maddyone

Grandchildren Bubble sent home

67 growstuff

U.K. tests more than any Country in Europe

21 Mamie

Where will more and more vaccines lead to?

30 M0nica

Covid after vaccination?

6 maddyone

Covid 19 - A difficult situation.

29 Madgran77