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Rules on going out

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Leedee Wed 25-Mar-20 14:37:15

Hi, I have 2 questions, my parents are 75. Dad is diabetic and mum is healthy. Through this virus and the latest updates by Boris, they still believe mum can go shopping for necessities, is this right or should all 70 plus isolate even if well and get us younger ones to deliver food to the doorstep? 2nd question my husband is in the vulnerable group (after cancer and a stemcell transplant needed) we are a year on, but still he is self isolating for 12 weeks as recommended, BUT we have a dog, if I am well, can I still walk her? (social distancing in place) or do I stay in for 12 weeks, it’s all soooo confusing. Thanks

rosie1959 Wed 25-Mar-20 15:33:24

Your mum is right they should practice social distancing that is why supermarkets have special times for the vulnerable
The best option is to stay in apart from exercise but this isn't possible for everyone

Elegran Wed 25-Mar-20 15:42:46

Leedee In answer to your first question - your mum can go shopping for essential supples and medicines, preferably at a time when the shops are quiet, but are there any schemes in her area to help people in their position? For example, most churches have set up arrangements for volunteers to get in shopping and leave it at the door. Look online - Google "coronavirus volunteer help" and her local area and see if there is anything, or look in your phone book for the nearest church and phone them to see if they have a scheme set up. You or your parents don't need to be a member of that church for them to help.

You can still walk the dog once a day, as part of your own permitted once day fresh air walk, but of course you must keep well away from others, and it is best to cover your mouth and nose with a scarf. If she needs out more often, maybe you could just take her into the garden? It is hard on pets, you can't explain to them why things have changed.