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Childcare for keyworkers

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Honey1958 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:12:48

Hello I would value others opinions please. My daughter and her partner are both key workers- nurse and police officer. Their daughter is 2. I have done the majority of childcare for them since dd returned to work 18 months ago. I have continued to do this and am happy to do so but am increasingly concerned that we are 'breaking the rules' about households not mixing. I also care for my 94 year old mother who needs regular visits. I am 62 retired and have atrial fibrillation but otherwise in good health. Feel stuck between a rock and a hard place to know what the best thing is to do

EllanVannin Sun 05-Apr-20 22:19:59

Firstly do you take blood-thinners for your A/Fib ? If so you should self isolate, not because of the thinners but the underlying problem causing A/Fib.

Scentia Sun 05-Apr-20 22:42:40

I would say your DD and her DP given their occupations, should know better than to expect you to still do this.

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 22:47:13

Oh dear.

MissAdventure Sun 05-Apr-20 23:34:23

Agree with "Oh dear".