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Those who are dying

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millymouge Wed 08-Apr-20 18:06:17

The highest number died today. So very terrible. The thing that upsets me so much is that they all died alone, none of their family able to be with them. And their family just wait

millymouge Wed 08-Apr-20 18:08:30

Sorry pressed too,soon. As I was saying their family just waiting to hear if they were still alive. My sister died last year, she was unconscious at the end but her family who,loved her were able to be with her. It is so very terrible the whole thing.

Grandmafrench Wed 08-Apr-20 18:20:02

It is the stuff of nightmares, isn't it. And it's heartbreaking, so we have to do everything we can to ensure that when the numbers come down - they stay down. We have to do everything we can to limit the spread, to prevent further loss and suffering. Stay home, keep away from others, stay safe and wait patiently for a time when we can all come out into the sunlight and take the first steps to rebuild our lives. May all those dear people who have died, needlessly and tragically, rest in peace.

Riverwalk Wed 08-Apr-20 18:29:54

The one thing that has upset me more than anything else these past few weeks is the death of the 13 year-old boy in London, with no family member at his side.

Was there really no way his mother could have been masked, gloved and gowned so she could be with her boy at his end. sad

SueDonim Wed 08-Apr-20 18:34:40

My sister died last year, too, Millymouge sad and although I wasn’t there, (and didn’t need to be) her children were with her. I’ve found myself actually grateful for the fact she died last year and not this, because I’d have missed out on some last memories of her.

My friend’s husband is in care with dementia and she hasn’t been able to see him for weeks. They’ve now got coronavirus in both staff and residents and it’s very possibly she will never see her husband alive again, which I think is unutterably cruel.

varian Wed 08-Apr-20 18:43:48

I was with my Mum for many hours before she died but she was unconscious. Eventually I left and she died a few hours later without regaining consciousness. It would not have mattered if I'd still been there.

Urmstongran Wed 08-Apr-20 19:31:09

I felt upset too Riverwalk and kept thinking ‘that poor boy must have been so frightened on his own’. Then I realised that he would have been placed in an induced coma so would have had no awareness bless. Then I felt so deeply for his family. Having to remember him as he was, scared and in hospital, before that happened. Tragic.