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Should I leave it on the doorstep?

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petitpois Thu 09-Apr-20 13:29:55

Every year I make my grandson his birthday cake. We'd had it all planned out this year - a spiderman extravaganza. Now with being isolated I'm not sure what to do. It's his birthday next week and miraculously i've got all the ingredients but I don't know if it would be a good idea to make it for him. So far, they're all well, my husband and I in our household are not showing any symptoms either. Do you reckon it would be fine to make it and leave it on the doorstep for him?

midgey Thu 09-Apr-20 13:31:20

Can’t think why not, so long as you don’t have to drive it there!

Chewbacca Thu 09-Apr-20 13:36:26

Yes I think it would be fine petitpois. I made a batch of little fairy cakes for my GC last weekend. Before I started to bake, I put everything that I knew I'd need (bowls, scales, plastic storage box and bun tin etc) into the dishwasher for a full cycle and then I made sure that I wore disposable gloves throughout the baking process. Once they were ready, they were put into the sterilized container and left for them to collect next time they passed my house. They've been fine so far!

Hetty58 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:40:15

I'd ask his parents first. It depends on whether they're isolating - and how strictly.

phoenix Thu 09-Apr-20 13:59:43

Even if you did have to drive, as long as you combined it with a trip to a good shop, it shouldn't be a problem?

JenniferEccles Thu 09-Apr-20 14:14:15

Oh yes I would, it’s a lovely thing for you to do.

In fact we dropped off our little grandson’s Easter Egg earlier in the week and saw him and our daughter briefly in her front garden, at a distance of course.

We all know what we have to do and why but it’s acceptable to use our judgment and common sense as well.

SueDonim Thu 09-Apr-20 14:18:09

I’d think that if it was part of your daily exercise or a trip to buy food/essentials it would be ok. A special trip for that alone, then no.

M0nica Fri 10-Apr-20 14:02:10

How far are you driving? Any distance under 10 miles just do it. Take it a day in advance so even if the cake had been glimpsed from afar by a corona virus and it managed to land on it, 24 hours and it would be dead.

PamelaJ1 Fri 10-Apr-20 14:06:03

I would. It’s not any more dangerous (IMO) as my daughter dropping food off to us.
It’s not as though you would be making a habit of it.

JackyB Fri 10-Apr-20 14:48:33

I cant see a problem, except that there won't be anyone to eat it. Maybe scale it down a bit.

Elegran Fri 10-Apr-20 15:06:41

I believe the temperature to kill the virus is 140 degrees (is that F or C?) so the cake itself should be OK, it is just the handling, and your description of how you intend to proceed sounds as though that will be careful, so it is the same as delivering shop-bought goods.