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Debs54 Sat 18-Apr-20 00:05:34

I’ve just joined Gransnet today as our daughter gave birth yesterday to our first grandchild. She was 5 weeks early so both the baby and our daughter need to stay in hospital for at least 5 days. And then of course when they get home we aren’t allowed to visit them due to coronavirus. It’s so hard not being involved. I just wondered if anyone on here was going through the same situation? Thanks

GrandmaKT Sat 18-Apr-20 03:51:32

Hi Debs54. Welcome and many congratulations xx.
It must be so hard not to be able to see the baby yet, but all things must pass as they say. I guess you have seen photos? Was the father allowed in? A friend's daughter is due to give birth in London next week and has been told that her husband will have to stay in the car in the car park. Then as soon as she has given birth, barring any complications, mother and baby will be brought out to be driven home.
Crazy times!

Katyj Sat 18-Apr-20 07:04:45

Hi Deb54 Many congratulations such a special time for everyone. My niece had a baby girl on Wednesday, her husband was allowed to stay with her, they had their own room the whole time.their parents have been sent lots of photos and FaceTimed, they also went to their house and looked through the window, sat in the garden a while and spoke on the phone whilst able to see each other. Sad I know but better than nothing .

Polly99 Sat 18-Apr-20 09:20:39

Our DiL is due to give birth in about a week. It is so hard to think we will be unable to see them for a cuddle. At least our son will be allowed to be there for the birth. Also really missing 3 year old gd and 11 month gd who is on the brink of walking, they are changing so fast even in the last month. The main thing is everyone remaining in good health and thinking of when this is all over how lovely our next proper meetings will be. Congratulations by the way flowers

Susan56 Sat 18-Apr-20 09:26:51

My friends daughter had a baby last Saturday.They visited and saw baby through the window then stepped back and chatted through the open window.The pictures she sent were lovely if unusual first baby photos.

Debs54 Sat 18-Apr-20 09:36:17

Good morning Grandma KT and Katyj thanks so much for your messages. I’ve never joined a Forum before so I wasn’t sure anyone would reply, and I’m so excited you both did answer. Sorry I think you can tell I don’t get out much! ?
Concerning the entry of the father to the birth. He was told exactly what you said Grandma KT, but because my daughter was so ill with hemorrhaging so much blood that he was allowed to be with her which kept her calm throughout the ordeal. The hospital were really kind with them both, and used common sense as well keeping to health and safety rules.
I hope your friend’s daughter’s birth is a positive experience for her in the middle of this weirdness.
And thanks Katyj for the garden suggestion I think that’s a great way of being able to see the baby without glass in between. FaceTime is wonderful I have had several calls with my daughter holding the baby out of the incubator. It makes you feel more connected. We are so lucky with our generation to have this ability to connect with each other wherever we are in the world.
Best wishes to you both and thanks again. Xx

Chewbacca Sat 18-Apr-20 09:48:55

Hello and welcome Debs54. My friend is currently living in Malaysia and was due to come home at the end of March for the birth of her first grandchild, but because all flights from Malaysia were cancelled, she's stuck there for the foreseeable future. Her daughter actually delivered her baby last Sunday and my friend was able to speak to her, and to see her grandchild, via Zoom. It's not the same as actually being able to hold and cuddle her, of course, but it's absolutely better than nothing. The current situation will soon be over and you'll have a lifetime of love to look forward to. Many congratulations to you and your family.

Debs54 Sat 18-Apr-20 09:52:54

Good morning too Polly99 and Susan56 I’ve just seen both your messages, thank you for your messages. I’m sorry I missed you both off my previous message. But I didn’t see your posts until after I had posted my reply.
And I agree Polly99 I don’t think we’ll ever take our meetings together for granted ever again. I’m sorry it must be hard for you not seeing your grandchildren especially with the landmarks of growing up. But like Katyj said in her message - FaceTime is a wonderful connection to them. I hope you get to see them soon. And your Dil. birth goes well. Best wishes to you and your family.
Hi Susan56 I agree it is a strange way of welcoming a new baby into the world, and hopefully this will never feel normal to us. And we get back to welcoming people with open arms and a warm hug soon. Best wishes.

Debs54 Sat 18-Apr-20 10:01:57

Hi Chewbacca thank you so much for your lovely message. And I’m so sorry your friend wasn’t able to leave Malaysia, but special to see them both on Zoom. I hope she will be able to fly over soon for a very special reunion. As I said on my previous messages I don’t think any of us will take who we love so much for granted again. It’s love in the end that’s all that matters in life. And as you say we have our lifetime ahead of us to make up for this missed time. Best wishes and take care.