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Couriers and delivery drivers

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MawB Sat 18-Apr-20 14:46:53

Ocado and Waitrose inform me that if I am unwilling to accept any of the “substitutions” in my shopping I am to inform the delivery driver before I take it into the house. This seems absolutely fair to me as we have a duty of care to those who make it possible for us to self isolate and I imagine that other supermarkets do likewise.
Any online shopping delivered by courier is left on the doorstep after the courier has rung the bell (and usually retreated at least 2m) and again there is no contact. Perfectly acceptable. He/she does not know whether I am observing CV hygiene and I have to trust he/she is too as I do not know where they have been last. I wear gloves until I have unpacked it, and taken any packaging to the garage and then bin the gloves.
Couriers are at risk too which is why I was very sceptical about another GN member who said this earlier today
waiting in for Yodel to deliver.
I left out a snack for him on Wednesday, crisps, a choc cake bar and bottle of apple juice and he was really delighted. "For me?" he shouted, "can I take them?"
Yes" I shouted back, "it says Yodel driver on the note... that's you". As it was a very warm day he welcomed the drink which had been in the fridge
I'll do another snack today, it's nice making people smile

It is no doubt kindly meant, but that driver is in breach of his company’s social distancing regulations and while the GN member will certainly have taken all reasonable precautions, he does not know that.
Common sense says social distancing has to work both way IMO.

ninathenana Sat 18-Apr-20 15:04:19

Where in that post does it indicate social distancing was not observed ?
"I left out a snack"
"I shouted back"

Sorry to say, this is a thread about a thread which goes against GN guide lines.

MawB Sat 18-Apr-20 15:05:13

OK as you were

MawB Sat 18-Apr-20 15:08:36

If I am not allowed to hand anything to the courier/delivery driver, I am similarly not allowed to leave him anything else.
A delivery fro.m the local nursery arrived yesterday too, I had 2 £10 vouchers but was not allowed to give them to the delivery man, but could only pay by card by phone.
But, so be it.

ninathenana Sat 18-Apr-20 15:22:48

Not heard of that MawB
I've seen a few posts on local FB pages about people leaving Easter eggs, snacks etc. for the postman. All gratefully recieved.
My window cleaner said he would not knock the door for payment and asked for cheque to be posted or a bank transfer. I left him cash in an envelope under a pot on the patio. He was happy with that.

welbeck Sat 18-Apr-20 16:41:01

i can see what you mean OP, but was there any reason why you did not add your comments to that thread which you are questioning.

oldgimmer1 Sat 18-Apr-20 16:48:57

If it's against company policy to accept snacks etc then surely it's up to the company to inform their delivery people of that? confused

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 18-Apr-20 18:15:00

If we are leaving post and packages in our homes for a number of hours in case they are contaminated, how can a courier pick up and consume goods that have been left by a customer? He should maybe pick it up and then either wash it all off or leave it for hours.
How would he know that the household doesn’t have the virus?