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Unhappy Mum

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Xrgran Mon 20-Apr-20 12:57:38

Spoke to mum today and she’s very unhappy now she thinks she’ll be on lockdown until next year. she says there’s no point in living and wishes she could get the virus! She is 81.

I think she imagines we will all be out doing fun stuff while her age group will be stuck at home but I’ve explained we will all be living very a restricted life and certainly not doing exciting stuff like travel and going out. I tried to cheer her up and really she is in a very good situation and normally loves her own company and finds family visiting stressful.
What should I say to her?

Grannyflower Mon 20-Apr-20 13:12:50

Oh dear that must be hard for you. Maybe Mum just wants you to listen ?. I think we are all going through a full range of emotions in these uncertain times, hopefully feeling low doesn’t last too long. Reassuring her that no matter what the future holds, you will be there for her. Good luck xx