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The Covid 19 research app - something we can all do to help!

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Mamissimo Mon 20-Apr-20 18:12:36

Over 1.5 million people in this country are already using this app which helps scientists to track the spread of Covid 19 in the community. It’s helping to identify spread, symptoms and more. You log on daily to report any or no symptoms. This helps understanding develop and to identify hotspots and vulnerabilities. You can opt out at any time.

It’s a proper Guys Hospital research project which is providing real information to help in the fight.

It’s available for both Apple and Android and you can contribute even when shielding.

The more people that use it the more valuable the information becomes. If you change your mind you can withdraw your data at any time and it’s secure.

My family and I are all doing it.....will you join?

MiniMoon Mon 20-Apr-20 18:31:27

I've just signed up, installed the app.

ChrisT Mon 20-Apr-20 18:50:11

I have been using it for a couple of weeks or so.

SuzannahM Mon 20-Apr-20 19:01:37

I still use my old Windows phone so can't use the app.

Sar53 Mon 20-Apr-20 19:19:42

I've been using it for a couple of weeks.

NfkDumpling Mon 20-Apr-20 19:39:10

I’ve been doing it for a week or two and just added DH. Its a good idea as it’s covering far more people than those who’ve just been tested. It’s just as important to know how many people haven’t been ill at all.