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Vaccine being tested on humans now!

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giulia Thu 23-Apr-20 12:07:39

Great news: as of today, 550 volunteers will be trying out a possible new anti-COVID vaccine.

Even better news: women are heading up both the Italian and British sides of the project.

1000 doses are being prepared by IRBM Group Pomezia (Rome). These are the people who successfully developed the anti Ebola vaccine and the new anti-COVID one is based to some extent on this.

This Italian research group are in partnership with The Jenner Institute, part of Nuffield Dept of Medicine, Oxford University.

Here's hoping the vaccine will be successful. If so, production can start in September. Obviously, years will pass before everyone can be vaccinated.

According to Italian researchers, the COVID virus has not mutated significantly. So the eventual vaccine will not have to be altered each year, as with the flu vaccines.

maddyone Thu 23-Apr-20 12:12:56

Please God it works and is safe.

BlueSky Thu 23-Apr-20 12:36:56

I guess it will be free for the over 65 as with the seasonal flu and how many would refuse it?

toscalily Thu 23-Apr-20 12:40:35

This is good news and a big thank you to all those who have volunteered themselves for testing as of course it is not with out risk.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 23-Apr-20 12:58:13

A big thank you to the brave people who have volunteered for the first phase of vaccine testing.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 23-Apr-20 12:59:37

Italy and U.K. working in partnership.


maddyone Thu 23-Apr-20 13:36:05

I read or saw somewhere, can’t remember where now, that when a vaccine is passed for use on the general population, that it will be given firstly to people between the ages of 25 and 55 or thereabouts. The reason given was that this age group is predominantly heathy and any disadvantages that may come to light at that point will not endanger the very young or the older population. Presumably if all still continues to go well, it will be rolled out to the rest of the population.

Susan56 Thu 23-Apr-20 13:58:31

I’m adding my thanks to the very brave people who have volunteered to test the vaccine.

EllanVannin Thu 23-Apr-20 14:00:31

Indeed they are brave Susan.I hope all goes well with them.

giulia Thu 23-Apr-20 14:01:30

Whitewavemark" You touched a sore point there!

My daughter in England is very upset as she says both her British husband and friends refuse to believe that Italy has anything to do with this. They laugh at her.

Seems there is no mention in the British press about this being a joint venture. Surely she's wrong. No?

Charleygirl5 Thu 23-Apr-20 14:09:31

BlueSky I would refuse at present. I know I do not have the years to wait around to make sure there are no long term nasty side effects. I will be an interested party waiting in the wings.

Tangerine Thu 23-Apr-20 14:50:40

Let's hope it can be rolled out soon. Thank you to all those who have volunteered to have it tested on them.

AGAA4 Thu 23-Apr-20 15:53:11

It is good to know we are moving forward with the vaccine thanks to hard working scientists and those willing to test it.

Chestnut Thu 23-Apr-20 16:07:32

maddyone - I posted the age groups that will be tested first, it was on the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday, a very interesting interview with one of the world's leading virus experts from Oxford who is developing the vaccine. Suggest everyone watches this as she is a real expert. She also says the vaccine will give a longer immunity than a dose of the virus would. And that that corona mutations are not very different therefore the vaccine should work on all of them. Unlike 'flu which mutates a lot and so the vaccine won't work on different mutations. These two things mean we shouldn't need to have the corona vaccine every year like we do the 'flu vaccine.

growstuff Thu 23-Apr-20 17:17:57

Lucca Show them this …

maddyone Thu 23-Apr-20 19:01:33

Are those the ages you said? If they are, it must be where I got the ages from. I remember saying I was going to watch the Andrew Marr show on BBC iPlayer, but I haven’t done so yet.

giulia Thu 23-Apr-20 19:59:43

growstff Oh, thank you so much! Will do so.

Chestnut Thu 23-Apr-20 23:14:05

Don't get too excited folks, the vaccine won't be ready (i.e. safe and effective) for general use until next year. There's a long way to go before we get it.