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Missfoodlove Tue 28-Apr-20 17:18:29

A week or so before lockdown we placed a box of about 25 books by our front gate with a poster explaining we would like people to take a book and then donate a book.

We have had the most wonderful response, lots of people have donated books on a huge range of subject matter from Victorian pornography to religion!

We have had thank you notes posted through the door and had great (distanced) chats with neighbours we have never met before.

People are now diverting to call by to donate and collect books, I think we have turned around about 300 books.

Other people in the area have put out boxes of seedlings, dried herbs, magazines etc.
One street has beautiful hand drawn cartoons pinned to the trees telling us all to stay positive.
It makes our daily walk such a joy to see a community coming together.

Are other communities doing anything similar?

silverdragon Tue 28-Apr-20 17:51:08

That's wonderful! I'm on the A205 so it lacks a bit of community feel but I have put out a box of books that I would have just taken to the charity shop and about 40 have gone so far. Plus some Beanie Babies from my niece, a couple of DVDs and some CDs. Also some of the weekend cooking supplements (these not moving as quickly as I would have thought), and some unwanted crafting stuff.

There is a small note on it about either returning if they wish or adding their own books but nothing so far!

Missfoodlove Tue 28-Apr-20 18:09:37

silverdragon. Be patient it was a while before our little library gathered momentum.

At first we watched people from our security system and they were almost waiting for a candid camera moment!!

Now everyone trusts our boxes.