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Essential items, are they changing?

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lincolnimp Wed 29-Apr-20 21:41:06

As lockdown looks to continue for some time, have our ideas as to what constitutes essential items changed?

sodapop Wed 29-Apr-20 21:42:15

No - still chocolate and gin.

Doodledog Wed 29-Apr-20 21:54:25

I think it will continue as before. One person's essential is another's pointless. One size has never fitted all.

Casdon Wed 29-Apr-20 22:06:40

I think we crave things we haven’t had for a while, it gets boring to cook and eat similar things each week, so yes I do think every week will add additional wants to shopping lists. My main craving is for decent coffee, at least that’s now coming back in stock.

MayBee70 Thu 30-Apr-20 15:16:49

I watched a programme the other night that mentioned a shortage of toilet rolls during some other problem in this country; maybe it was the 3 day week or something like that. Anyway it was a light bulb moment and made sense of the panic buying over loo rolls. I'm finding bits and bobs that have become necessary to whatever I'm cooking. Celery is something I never eat raw but is an important ingredient in many store cupboard recipes eg lentil stew, casseroles etc. Thankfully I've been able to get some from a local shop and it does keep for ages in the fridge. And lemons; again something I never think of as important. I did freeze some pre lockdown though to make a honey and lemon drink if I got ill. And I wish I'd bought a chicken and made lots of chicken stock. I know supply chains are working well at the moment but there will surely be shortages later in the year as the virus works it's way around India and Africa?

growstuff Thu 30-Apr-20 15:55:56

Food hasn't been a problem. Local suppliers have delivered fresh items and I've managed to get two Tesco delivery slots for everything else. I've become quite creative with using up what turns up in my veggie box. I only wish I had a bigger freezer. My own little garden should start producing most of my veggie needs in the next few weeks.

The only "essentials" I've bought have mainly been techie stuff. I had to buy a videocam/microphone to carry on with my business. I also bought a new computer keyboard and mouse because most of the letters had worn off my old keyboard and my touch typing isn't that good. I'm about to buy a new printer/scanner/ copier because my existing one is making very ominous noises and I need to be able to scan and copy for work. I had to buy some diabetic testing strips, but apart from that, I don't think I've bought anything.

I hardly ever have any spare money anyway, so I can't say the current situation is making much difference.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 30-Apr-20 16:01:29

I think with no deal appearing very likely, we will need to start stocking up again.

Niobe Thu 30-Apr-20 16:49:09

Wwm2, I think you are absolutely correct! I had a small stock of staples in anticipation of Brexit but have run it down during the lockdown. I was thinking today that as this virus may recur later in the year and if we have a no deal Brexit it might be an idea to stock up on a few basic items in autumn.