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BlueSky Sat 02-May-20 19:41:51

I normally give my magazines to our elderly (94) but otherwise healthy neighbour. Shall I carry on doing this? I know they would be welcome, we haven't had any symptoms and we practice social distancing religiously. Is it safe to carry on buying papers and mags? Do you need to do anything to disinfect them?

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 02-May-20 20:02:56

I just leave any papers, post , magazines from DD2 in a bag for a couple of days, but If you aren’t meeting other people then I think she could read them straight away.
If you are mixing in shops etc. Then I think she would be safer to wait for a day or so before she reads them.

BlueSky Sun 03-May-20 08:07:10

Thanks Oopsadaisy no I haven't been in a shop for 6 weeks, so I guess I'll just pop them through the letterbox. She must feel the strain as she's still active, lives on her own, and before all this she used to catch the bus to go to town a couple of times a week. Brilliant!

Washerwoman Mon 04-May-20 12:38:11

My neighbour and I exchange magazines continue to do so. I put them in 'quarrantine' for a few days and then leave on the doorstep.The same with books and jigsaws.