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I think I’m losing the plot

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Grannynannywanny Wed 06-May-20 20:54:47

I went out to the front of the house at 7.55. I thought being a lovely evening some neighbours would already be out but not one.

I waited another few mins but still no doors opened.

Just as I was about to start a solo clap I noticed the wheelie bin I left out this morning hadn’t been emptied.

Then the penny dropped its only Wednesday!

Grannybags Wed 06-May-20 20:56:04

Glad it's not just me. I haven't clue what day it is since lockdown!

Grannyben Wed 06-May-20 20:58:06

Oh bless you ? I'm starting to wonder what month we are in, let alone what day it is.

MiniMoon Wed 06-May-20 21:01:45

Most mornings recently I have had to ask Alexa what day it is.

Sussexborn Wed 06-May-20 21:02:17

Oops! I have to keep checking which day of the week it is. Made me smile imaging a lone clapper on the doorstep and wondering how many neighbours would have joined you thinking they had the wrong day! smile

Evie64 Wed 06-May-20 21:02:21

Lost mine ages ago love, don't you worry about it! grin

Sussexborn Wed 06-May-20 21:02:40


Grannynannywanny Wed 06-May-20 21:03:15

I even made an effort and brushed my straggly hair before I went out!