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Socially distanced activities when grandchildren visit.

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reikinana Fri 08-May-20 16:15:52

I have not been out of the house since 13th March because of a number of health issues putting me in the at risk club. I am lucky to have a house with a garden and neighbours who are shopping for me. What I really miss is hugs from my granddaughters just turned 5 and 9. My son brings them every week when he collects them from his ex who is living in the next street. All we have managed so far is for them to stand in the front garden, chat about what they have been doing and blow kisses. I try to have something to send them home with and last visit I tied lolly pops in a tree for them to find. My other sons live miles away so we do a weekly family zoom call. We have successful managed a Pictionary game and I am making a bingo game.
What other ideas have you had for having fun with your grandchildren either on video calls or at a safe distance?

Wibby Sat 09-May-20 14:34:53

I play Ispy with my 5 yr old grandson when we Skype, it doesnt last long as he goes off and does his own thing and I chat to my son and his wife. The grandson will suddenly pop up and say excuse me nanny I need to talk to you, we chat for a few minutes and then he is off again. This morning I tried to interact with him by playing snakes and ladders but he wasnt having any of it, he said I couldnt play as I was on the screen and not in the room with him.