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16 domestic abuse killings during lockdown. Please help: buy an artwork for £5 to support women’s aid

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VWlady Sat 16-May-20 10:33:36

Imagine being trapped in lockdown with someone who is violent and abusive to you or your children. The huge surge in domestic abuse has often been in the news but seems to have been somewhat lost amongst discussions about the economy, care homes, PPE etc.

Artist Katie Paterson has been quietly fundraising for women’s aid by donating 1000 copies of her acclaimed book, sold out in the print version, but available now as a digital book for a donation of only £5 (or more if you can afford it). All proceeds will go directly to women’s aid. Click on this link to donate and receive a unique signed and numbered edition of the book:

Katie hasn’t been lucky enough to have the high profile publicity given to Major Tom, but even so has raised over £7000. With your help there is the potential to almost double this. Please help prevent more women and children being subjected to violence, abuse, and at worst losing their lives. 14 women and 2 children have already been killed in the UK during lockdown.